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What Does a Warrant Report Include?

Finding warrants online is as simple as typing the suspect’s name in a search box. The results include all the matching warrant information that covers, among other data, the defendant's info, offense details, court info, and warrant type.


Warrant Details

Each warrant search starts with the offender’s profile, first name, last name, middle name, date of birth, gender, height, weight, eye and hair color, known aliases, distinguishing tattoos, or scars, crime committed, warrant id, offense date and more.

Warrant Type

A police warrant lookup displays different types of warrants, yet the information available depends on each jurisdiction. Many counties don’t allow full information disclosure to the wide public, limiting access strictly to the sheriff’s office and law enforcement agencies.

Court Records

All warrants related to felony or misdemeanor charges and convictions could also lead to information like jurisdiction, agency, division, court description, court type, court number, court location, unsealed court case files, and parole/probation facts.

Arrest Records

When police warrants are issued for wanted criminals who committed a felony or a misdemeanor, all arrest warrants reflected in the police records show the arresting officer, arresting agency, charge, degree, case id, level, bond, arrest date, mugshots, inmate information, source state, and case type.

What is a Warrant?

Search Warrant Records with

Warrant records are public documents that authorize police to search premises, arrest someone, or carry out legal action. They’re part of the fundamental measures taken by a criminal justice system to protect people against illegitimate police actions while ensuring public safety. Warrants are issued by a judge or magistrate upon a probable cause presented by a law enforcement officer, about a crime.

Warrants are county-specific. Depending on the nature of the crime (felony or misdemeanor) and county size, they’re registered and filed with the appropriate county clerk's office or county's district clerk, under the following format "The State of XXX vs. Doe, John (SPN: XXXXXXXX)(DOB MM/DD/YYYY)" with a status like "Defendant: Warrant/Citation Issued (N)."

Apart from fugitive warrants, governor warrants, alias or civil capias, there are three main types of warrants aimed at securing citizens against unreasonable police actions:

  • Arrest Warrants are official documents, authorized by a judge, which allow the police to arrest the wanted person named in the warrant. To comply with the Fourth Amendment, outstanding arrest warrants must "particularly describe" the arrestee to be seized.
  • Search Warrants are written authorizations that appoint and order police department units to enter premises in search of people or for seizing private belongings.
  • Bench Warrants are released when a defendant in a criminal case or a testifying witness failed to appear for a trial, a court hearing or didn't respond to a jury summons.

Warrants search shows the court orders issued for someone’s arrest and for searching or seizing a certain property. A sure-fire way to check court records, arrest records, warrants or other public records is to look them up online, on After typing the alleged offender’s name in our lookup tool, findings could reveal the case number, warrant id, warrant number, type, level, suspect’s name, bond amount, bond type, comments, description, court status, and judicial status.

Common Questions About Warrant Lookups

How Many Types of Warrants are there?

There are more types of criminal warrants: arrest warrants, bench warrants, witness warrants, and search warrants. All the above are issued for different reasons including violating restraining orders, failing to testify as a witness after receiving a subpoena, being disruptive in court and many more. In general, arrest warrants must be pursued within a reasonable time.

Can You Have an Active Warrant Without Knowing?

Yes. If the police have enough evidence to prove you were involved in a crime, they can have a warrant issued by a court without the suspect's knowledge.

How to Search for Active Warrants With InfoTracer?

InfoTracer facilitates the speedy access to a wealth of data collected from thousands of online databases. The online warrant search feature enables anyone to view the public information available on someone's history of warrants, crimes, and charges.

Instant Warrant Search

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Conducting a search on is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice
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