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Comprehensive & Instant Vehicle History Reports

VIN Number Lookup

VIN Number Lookup

Flooding and hurricanes are very common these days and they leave significant damages on vehicles on the long run. That's why, when purchasing a used car, knowing its past becomes a critical step. A vehicle history report covers essential vehicle history information that can be visualized with a simple online vehicle history check. You can find out everything - from salvage records or sale records to vehicle specifications. All you need is the Vehicle Identification Number.

Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle Ownership

This section features past and current vehicle ownership, vehicle maintenance records, owner's name, contact info, vehicle information, vehicle title information, vehicle registration records and more.

Find Out Vehicle Recalls & Defects

Find Out Vehicle Recalls & Defects

Get all the facts! Make sure the car you are purchasing has had all its recalls and defects repaired by using our complete online search tool before you buy.

Salvage Records

Salvage Records

Salvage records contain vital data on a vehicle that has been destroyed or wrecked and even reached the end of its usability due to damages that exceed 75% of its current retail value. Salvage title cars reveal vehicles for which repairs would cost more than the car is worth.

VIN Records Report

What Else Can You Find in a VIN Report?

Accidents & Repairs

Recall lookup by VIN includes the basic information about a vehicle's history, manufacturer's recalls, accidents, lien records, sale records, specifications, salvage records, repair records and prior theft records.

Lemon History

A lemon car is a vehicle that has multiple manufacturing faults. With a vehicle lookup by VIN you can instantly find out if a vehicle's safety, utility or value is severely affected by serious defects. In case a car is a lemon, its owner could qualify for either a replacement vehicle or a refund.

Title Records

An online vehicle title search is the quickest way to get to the basic data on vehicle's ownership. Apart from its previous owners, liens or even a lost vehicle title, you can also access further info about the make, model and production year.

Common Questions About VIN Records

What is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique identifying code attributed to a vehicle. Formed of 17 alphanumeric characters, it is the equivalent of a car's fingerprint.

How Does Car Vin Lookup Work?

A car VIN lookup is a speedy search technique provided online. It allows compiling information from thousands of public databases by simply entering the VIN number in a search box. After a short wait, a detailed report on car's history and previous owners, liens, repairs or recalls is available right in your internet browser.

Why Conduct VIN Checks with InfoTracer?

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money has one of the most extensive coverage areas in the industry. We cover over 3,500 federal, state & municipal sources nationwide. Spare a time consuming visit to a courthouse & save money by accessing the same records with our powerful online search.

Extensive Database

Extensive Database has one of the largest public records databases in the industry, over 2 billion records and counting. These range from criminal histories, arrest records, bankruptcy filings to assets, marriage & divorce records.

Always Updated

Always Updated

Our data is updated regularly to bring you one of the up-to-date records in the industry. Some of our data such as arrest records are updated on a daily basis across all available states.

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