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What Does a VIN Report Include?

If you’re not purchasing a new car from a dealership, you can run a car VIN check to know all the facts about any used car, vehicle history records, salvage records, how many previous owners it had, inspection status, recalls, and repaired defects, just by typing the car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the plate number in our search box.

Vehicle Information

Each online VIN Check report features basic details on the car’s exact specifications and where it was built, for instance, car make, model year, body style, color, country of assembly, odometer reading, class, type, cylinder capacity, the original window sticker, fuel type, engine size, and smog check history.

Accidents and Repairs

VIN lookups lead to car history reports where the basic information about a vehicle's past is displayed, country of origin, manufacturer's recalls, accidents, lien records, sale records, specifications, salvage records, major repairs, full service and maintenance, car warranty details, and prior theft records.

Title Records

An online vehicle title search is the quickest way to get to the key data on the vehicle's ownership. Apart from its previous owners, date of first registration, mileage records, branded title details, last title transaction, liens, or even a lost vehicle title.

Salvage Records

Salvage records document critical information about a vehicle that has been wrecked or destroyed. When extensive damages (over 75%) occur, a car’s value drops accordingly since it’s not safe to use it anymore. It could become a total loss car. Such records indicate that repairs would cost more than the car is worth. If the car is restored to working condition, a rebuilt title is issued.

Vehicle Ownership

This section features past and current vehicle ownership, vehicle maintenance records, owner's name, contact info, phone number, home address, vehicle title details, vehicle registration records, and more.

Lemon History

A lemon car is a vehicle that has multiple manufacturing faults. With a vehicle lookup by VIN you can instantly find out if a vehicle's safety, utility or value is severely affected by serious defects. In case a car is a lemon or a junk car, its owner could qualify for either a replacement vehicle or a refund.

What is a VIN?

First used in 1954 in the United States, the vehicle identification number is the unique code adopted by car manufacturers to identify motor vehicles, motorcycles, towed vehicles, scooters, and mopeds. Until the early 1980s, the automotive industry used different serial numbers, with no commonly agreed standard. In 1981, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the United States Department of Transportation introduced a standardized VIN format that should contain 17 alphanumeric characters. To avoid confusion with numerals 0, 1, and 9, letters I (i), O (o), and Q (q) cannot be used in a VIN.

Perform an Instant VIN Check on Your Next Car with InfoTracer

When purchasing a used car, knowing its past becomes a critical step, particularly since flooding and hurricanes are very common these days and they leave significant damages on vehicles on the long run. A vehicle history report covers essential car history information that can be accessed with a simple online vehicle history check.

A VIN number lookup helps people know more about any specific car:

  • Technical Specs.
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Sale Records
  • Salvage Records
  • Inspections Registry
  • Type of Registration

Future vehicle owners use VIN checks to make sure the vehicle they’re about to purchase is not defective or to see if it has been written off since lemon history is also covered by our search tool (a lemon car is a vehicle that has multiple manufacturing faults). A vehicle lookup by VIN exposes if used vehicles' safety, utility, and value have been severely affected by serious defects. In case the car is a lemon, the owner could qualify for either a replacement vehicle or a refund.

Common Questions About Checking a VIN

How to Check a VIN Number?

You can easily check a VIN number online, by popping the vehicle's digits on the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) website, or by heading to's VIN check page.

How to Check VIN?

If you need access to more information about a motor vehicle, use our VIN lookup tool, included in your monthly subscription fee. Just type in the VIN number in the VIN records Search fields, hit Enter and you can get a report on the car's history.

How to Check if a Car is Stolen by VIN?

If you suspect a car was stolen, go to the National Insurance Crime Bureau website, find the VIN check tool and enter the VIN number. After you press Search, you'll be running the car's VIN against a huge database of severely damaged or stolen vehicles. You can also use Infotracer's Vin Records Search.

How to Check Recalls by VIN?

For vehicle safety recall checks, call your car dealer or do it faster online - just enter your VIN in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) recall page at You'll find brief information on a car's road worthiness with Infotracer’s VIN lookup tool.

How to Lookup Vehicle Specs by VIN?

Identifying the car specs by VIN is as easy as going to any VIN-decoding websites such as, your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or and plugging in the number in their VIN search box.

How to Find a VIN From the Registration Plate?

Although you can find the VIN on a car's dashboard, on the driver's side door label, and on your car title, the easiest way to obtain it by using the Registration Plate is by running an online license plate number search. A car's plate (issued by the Department Of Motor Vehicles) is connected to its VIN in all public vehicle history records.

Instant VIN Lookup

Conducting a search on is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice
Conducting a search on is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice
Conducting a search on is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice
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