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Facebook Username Search

Facebook Username Search

How Do I Find a Facebook Username?

Finding someone's user identification number (user ID) on a platform with 2.6 billion monthly active users might seem impossible, but with Facebook, it's a piece of cake. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open in a computer's web browser.
  2. Sign in to your Facebook account by typing your username and password and clicking Log In.
  3. Type the name of the person you are looking for in the search box at the top of your screen.
  4. Go straight to their profile by clicking on their photo or full name from the list.
  5. In the address bar, you'll see a link similar to " name.last name.245". The sequence after "" is their username, which usually includes first name, last name, and a random number.
How Do I Find a Facebook Username?

Another option would be to:

  1. Right-click any gray area on the Facebook webpage. A brief menu pops up.
  2. Choose View Page Sourceto open the source code in a new tab.
  3. Press Command + F (macOS) or Ctrl + F (Windows) to access the search function.
  4. In the search field, type "profile_id" and press Return (macOS) or Enter (Windows). The user ID is displayed next to the "profile_id".

Alternatively, you can go straight to the Infotracer username search tool.

Can You Find Someone on Facebook without Signing up?

Can You Find Someone on Facebook without Signing up?

With 1.73 billion users visiting Facebook daily, the leading social networking site allows anyone to perform a search by name and check out any Facebook member's profile page. Just enter their full name into thesearch box and press Enter. Facebook typically displays no more than ten matching names. If your person of interest is not among the first 10, narrow down the results list by adding additional search terms to their name, including their hometown, city of residence, or employer. For individuals who have not joined the platform, the access is restricted to a limited version of a person's public profile that features the profile photo, background picture, and a list of pages they like.

What is a Facebook Username?

A Facebook username is a unique variation of someone's name that usually consists of their first name, last name, and number. The username is part of their personal profile's web address (with a format like ""). The ending number can be either nominated or selected from Facebook's suggestions. A Facebook username is useful in the following circumstances:

What is a Facebook Username?
  • Creating a custom profile page link (called a "vanity URL") can be posted on external web pages or easily shared with friends.
  • To instantly access someone's profile and public information by just typing, followed by their username in the address bar.

Each page or profile can only have one username, and it can only contain at least five alphanumeric characters (A–Z, 0–9) and dots ("."). However, periods don't count as part of a username, meaning that a Facebook web profile link ends in joe.doe.78, it intrinsically refers to the following usernames joedoe78, joe.doe.78, and joe.doe78. (they all represent the same username).

What is a Facebook User ID?

The Facebook user ID is separate from the username. It's an automatic and distinctive string of numbers connected to a person's Facebook profile. Although it doesn't personally identify the individual, it might come in very handy when joining apps or games through a Facebook account. If any issues occur, developers need the Facebook user ID to investigate better and solve the problem, address any concerns or answer questions.

What is a Facebook User ID?

How do I Choose a Facebook Username?

After logging into Facebook, go to the Username page. For admins of multiple pages, from the Page Name drop-down menu, select the one you wish to generate a username. Make sure you follow the guidelines for custom usernames. In the text box, enter a relevant and easy-to-remember username. If it's taken, you'll have to choose a different one. When you find an available username, continue by clicking Create Username. Please note that new pages might not have access to username creation, and if a page remains inactive for a long time, its username could be removed.

How do I Choose a Facebook Username?

How to Find a Person by Using their Facebook ID?

When you only have a person's Facebook ID number and want to know more about them, the easiest way is to type this link into your address bar "", where "FBidnumber" represents their actual FB ID number. After pressing Enter, you should land straight onto their public profile page where you can see their photo and the name, they used to register for a Facebook account. The same tactic works when you only know someone's Facebook username and would like to discover more details about them.

What is the Difference Between a Name and a Username on Facebook?

Although both Facebook names and Facebook usernames help recognize your account, they're very different and serve different purposes. A Facebook name is preferably the real-life name used when signing up for an account.

What is the Difference Between a Name and a Username on Facebook?
  • For security and privacy reasons, Facebook insists on registering by using the real name.
  • Numbers, symbols, repeating characters are not accepted, and nicknames, titles, or offensive content will be automatically rejected.
  • The Facebook name's role is to help people identify or find someone. It's displayed on the person's public profile page, next to their photo, and can be changed later on.

On the other hand, Facebook usernames allow an upgraded Facebook experience facilitated by the following:

  • Creating a distinctive Facebook profile and timeline web address (the username follows "" in the address bar, for instance, "");
  • The username can be included in one's customized Facebook email address (
  • Formatting wise, usernames can include numbers, letters, and a period. It can only be modified once.

Can I Claim a Trademarked Username on Facebook?

When a username you trademarked is already taken on Facebook, you have all the rights to claim it as your Facebook page vanity URL. To start a trademarked username claim process, you have to either contact a Facebook rep or fill out an online form titled "Reporting a Violation or Infringement of Your Rights". You will have to provide the following information:

Can I Claim a Trademarked Username on Facebook?
  • Trademark name
  • Country of registration
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Trademark registration number
  • Describe how the Facebook page address you are reporting infringes on your rights

Submit the form and wait to hear back from Facebook (they usually reply within one or two months).

Which Are the Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide, Ranked by Active Usernames?

When it comes to social media networks, Facebook is by far the global champion, leading with a reach of at least 60.6% of internet users and having had already crossed the 2 billion user milestone back in 2017. According to Statista, the top 10 most popular social platforms in 2020 are:

Which Are the Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide, Ranked by Active Usernames?
  1. Facebook (2.6 billion monthly active users)
  2. YouTube (2 billion)
  3. WhatsApp (2 billion)
  4. Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion)
  5. WeChat (1.2 billion)
  6. Instagram (1 billion)
  7. TikTok (800 million)
  8. QQ (694 million)
  9. Sina Weibo (550 million)
  10. QZone (517 million)

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