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What Does a Username Report Include?

Use our simple username lookup tool to generate a reverse username search report that provides data about any user id, with full name, current address, phone, social media accounts, dating profiles, online activity, or photos. All data could be listed with a quick online search on Infotracer.


Username Owner's Information

Discover the identity of the person behind a given username from our report. Their contact information includes current or past locations, associated phone numbers, email addresses, other usernames, and user IDs.

Social Media and Dating Accounts

Uncover social media, web, and dating sites used by the username owner, plus registered usernames, user IDs, profile details, publicly-posted pictures and videos, online activity, log data, video chat friend requests, hidden accounts, and more.

Hidden Accounts and Activities

Access online activities such as related web accounts, listed and unlisted website registrations and memberships, a history of all instances when a specific username has ever been used in any cached internet activity, and more.

Online Posts, Photos and Videos

Use our username lookup tool to view images and videos associated with the username, social media photos, user-uploaded or shared videos, published or cached files and screenshots, profile pictures, posted image search history, web content, and much more.

Friends, Social Groups, and Associates

Get to know their friends, groups, relatives, and associates, including their identities and contact information, addresses, as well as alternative user accounts and online activity, social media posts, and videos.

Related User IDs and Online Accounts

Discover linked usernames, user IDs, and other online accounts used by the owner of the username. Are they using multiple identities or accounts? Know more details about their online activities, matching contact information, and records connected to the additional accounts.

What is a Username?

Also known as a screen name, login name, account name, handle, or nickname a username is a name that authenticates someone on a computer system. For instance, when multiple accounts are set up on a computer for each of its users, every account uses a different identifier called "username.” On the World Wide Web, through the process of identity correlation, people choose usernames when logging in on certain membership websites so that they can set up online accounts and personalize their settings.

As Ray Tomlinson sent an email to himself in 1971 counts as the first email in history, the first username ever used was the system username of the first Internet users. A username is almost always associated with a password, forming a combination known as login credentials that is required for authenticating users who log into online accounts or websites. For cyber security reasons, recently, a third requirement was added to this login credentials duo. It includes a physical or human biometric element, for instance, two-factor authentication. Most usernames can use numbers and letters, but no spaces. For email addresses, the part before the "@" is the username.

When looking up information about an individual or trying to find people online, running a reverse username search on Infotracer means extracting a wealth of matching data related to that screen name from thousands of username databases, social networks, data breaches lists, and people databases available.

The username lookup report could contain the following:

  • Owner's
  • Online
  • Photos &
  • Criminal
  • Assets
  • Data
  • Dating &
    Social Accounts

Common Questions About Username Lookup

How Do I Track An Anonymous Username?

You can trace a username or user ID to its owner by using our username lookup tool. We'll provide you with username owner's full identity and contact information, including any other related public records and data. Full reports on reverse usernames include a variety of different information including social and web owner's profiles, relatives, court records, and much more.

How To Lookup Username Records For Free?

To lookup any reverse username or reverse user ID records on, all you have to do is type the username into the search box and click/tap the search button to start your reverse username search. You'll see instant results, summary report, and some details about what information we were able to find for Free.

How To Lookup a Username or a user ID?

To lookup anybody's username or user ID and to get a full reverse records report simply go to, select the username search from the menu, fill out the username search field, and press search. That's it. You'll be able to see results and view available information instantly, right at your fingertips.

Reverse Username Search

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