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IP Address Lookup

How to Find Someone’s IP Address

How to Find Someone’s IP Address

What is an IP Address?

Two addresses are present when mail is sent from one place to another. One belongs to the sender, and the other refers to the receiver. IP addresses work the same way, only using bits of electronic information instead of ink and paper.

IP stands for internet protocol, and everything we interact with on the internet must have an IP. Moreover, there are many various IPs that our devices must access and correspond with to fill our demands swiftly. This includes everything from the IP of a physical machine to a network IP, routers, servers, websites, and more.

They all use their IPs in conjunction to create communication between each other and across the internet.

Why do Companies, Hackers, and Misfits Want Our IP Addresses?

Why do Companies, Hackers, and Misfits Want Our IP Addresses?

Our IP addresses act, in many ways, like an identification number. Software ‘reads’ our IPs to fulfill our requests and allow for interaction. Further, some tools can track the ‘reading’ between our devices and the internet. IP address reports can act as a receipt of information, interaction, and connection.

Companies use an IP’s ‘visible’ information to increase customer experience and target marketing purposes. Meanwhile, hackers want a device’s IP because it gives them access to its resources. These resources are bandwidth, not personal information like an internet troll or misfit might wish to.

Protecting our IPs from bad actors is essential to modern life. From our cellphones to our work computers, our IPs link us to everything we touch online.

In the last decade, an influx of bad actors has emerged online—ranging from Robin Hood hackers to malicious trolls. Luckily, security and protections for our online lives have also significantly increased. Now, it’s possible to know how to find someone’s IP address, and special security software can block specific IPs.

That’s great news for end users who are being harassed or bullied by online people. It’s easier than ever to find out how to get someone’s IP and block it from interacting with a device. Be cautious, however; there are ways for users to mask or change their IP addresses; some may implement a virtual personal network (VPN) to continue their abuse.

How to Get Someone’s IP Address

Why do Platforms and Software Matter?

How to Get Someone’s IP Address

Apart from security protocols and gates, different platforms have various ways to find IP addresses. Consider, for example, a Windows or Mac user opening a Word document; each system uses different processes but results in the same conclusion (like finishing that essay we should’ve started two days ago).

Systems and hardware are easy to find the IPs for if you own the devices whose IP you’re searching. However, this ease does little for the person looking for someone else’s IP.

The following sections will outline how to find an IP on many of the internet's most used software. Users can utilize this information with a security blocking system to stop harassment from a specific online user. Alternatively, if obtaining their IP address is not enough, consider using an IP address lookup tool; these find out all the public information about the IP and its owner.

How to Get Someone’s IP Address on Facebook

Obtaining an IP address from Facebook is easy; the tricky part comes from needing a live chat connection. (This can be difficult if you’ve already blocked the other device from interacting with your account.) The best way to harvest an IP from Facebook is through the chat feature.

After establishing a live connection to the target person and their device, open the Command Prompt or Utility tool. The tool you’ll need will depend on your operating system (OS); Command Prompt is a Windows solution, while Utility is a Mac solution.

Once one of these tools is open, type in the command netstat -an and hit enter. This command, once executed, will respond with the IP addresses currently connected to your device, i.e., the live chat connection.

Note: It’s best to close any unnecessary windows before launching this command, as the results will bring back all connected IP addresses.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

Finding someone’s IP on Instagram is a bit harder than using the “netstat -an” command. Since there is no private chat feature for the platform, it’s not suggested that you use this command. Using the “netstat -an” command during a live stream would return the wrong IPs since it would reflect all devices in the same channel. Not to worry, however, there are ways around this problem.

Firstly, you’ll want to pick an IP logger website. IP Logger and Grabify IP Logger are two widely chosen options for harvesting IPs. When you use them, you create a URL that will record (or ‘log’) the IP of the person who clicks the URL. You may need to encourage them to click on the URL if they are cautious about it.

After picking an IP logging site, head to the profile of your prey; there will be three dots right next to the person’s username. From there, you copy the profile URL and paste it into the bar on the IP logging site. The page will reload with the new logger URL—get your target to click on it and refresh the logger website page. You’ll see the person’s IP at the bottom of the page.

How to Find Someone’s IP on Discord

Getting someone’s IP address through Discord by abusing Discord itself is impossible. Even when trying to use the “official” tools like Discord’s IP Resolver, no one can locate another person’s IP. Discord’s IP Resolver is not an actual IP finder; if there is any doubt about this, check out the very last line of the instructions. It reads, “P.S. You got trolled :)”.

Despite this, it’s still possible to use an IP logger and link to record an IP. Still, you’d need the target to click on the link for it to work. Alternatively, you can use the “netstat -an” command to get the target IP, but, as before, it requires a connection.

IP Address Lookup