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What Does a IP Address Report Include?

Find out who owns an IP address (the numerical tag assigned to electronic devices within a network). Each digital report could uncover the domain name linked to an Internet Protocol (IP) address in the United States, hostname, owner’s identity, contact details, geolocation, internet activity, public records, and more.


Owner’s Information

Rely on our advanced reverse DNS lookup tool to identify key information about the person behind an IP address, including their name, aliases, age, location and more.Uncover both public and hidden contact information such as cell phone numbers, landline, email addresses, street address, and other useful data for getting in touch with them.

Social & Web Accounts

Look into an IP owner’s social networking presence, dating or social media profiles, hidden Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Delve into their posts or comments on blogging networks, discussion forums, private or underground user accounts, and chat groups.

Online Activity

Explore someone’s online activities such as published online records, bookmarked content, public video, sound or image file uploads, shared content, social discussions, web browser activity, presence on secret social channels, and beyond.

Public Records

Rely on our powerful reverse IP search when you’re looking for public records that are connected to the owner of an IP address. When available, search results could include court records, arrests, criminal, divorce, marriage, driving records, and more.

What is a Reverse IP Lookup?

Your IP Address:

IP addresses are typically owned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or organizations that have been assigned a massive number of IPs. For maintaining user privacy and uniqueness, these companies assign IPs further to their clients who are also end-users.

A reverse IP address lookup is a type of data search that uses an IP address to locate and determine additional information about its registered owner. When performing such a search, the exact geolocation data is detected, and often, this detail is crucial for identifying the person behind it, but only by connecting and aggregating other publicly available records or location lookup features.

Common Questions About IP Lookups

Can I look up an IP address?

Geo-locating an IP address becomes an incredibly simple task when using the Infotracer IP Address Lookup tool. The results are based on the information available about that specific IP and feature the Internet Service Provider (ISP), city, state, country, phone number, email address, public records and much more.

Is it illegal to look up someone's IP address?

Attempting to find someone's IP address is not illegal as there is no law regulating against it. Just like your physical street address, your digital IP address is considered public domain information. Attempting to search it through perfectly-legit methods is not against the law.

How do I find out who owns an IP address?

Every public IP address has an owner. Depending on who registered it, the owner can be an organization, an individual, or an ISP. By typing the IP address in the Infotracer IP Address Lookup tool, you can instantly figure out details like who owns the IP address, the ISP domain, and the location.

How to find my IP address?

The simplest and quickest way to find your IP address is by scrolling to the allocated "Your IP Address" section available on this Infotracer page. Alternatively, you can search "what is my IP" on Google Search. The result displays the IP address of the personal electronic device used to conduct the search.

How to lookup an IP address location?

Just like phone numbers have area codes, IP addresses are based on geo-location. By typing the IP into the Infotracer IP Address Lookup tool and pressing Enter or the Search button, anyone can promptly discover more information about the IP’s country, region, state, town/city, and zip code.

IP Address Lookup