Using an Online Search to Reveal Identity

Ever since the Internet industry underwent a paradigm shift, much technology surrounding it has grown to new heights. Today, online profiling is a common industry measure that is being adopted by billions of people. The sad part of this growth is that it is invading their privacy as well. There are many places on the Internet where personal details are stored – talented people can scout through these details and easily learn more about you.

There are also a number of public profiles on the Internet where you can read information about a person. This is not illegal or hacking, but legitimate searching by which you can understand more about anyone you choose. This article will help you understand how this can be done.

Using a Web Search

Conducting a Web search has become one of the best ways to people search for information in the Internet. However, when using search engines like Google, typing the name of a person will give results that are simply talking about a person. Typing within double quotes will help to get more accurate results. For example, if you want to know about your colleague Mark Bennet, you should do a Google search of “Mark Bennet.”

Using Facebook

Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus have suddenly become the center hub of information about any person. If you are on Facebook, you can search by their name and there are many filters like ‘location’ that can be added to identify a person. Before coming to a conclusion about the person based on the profile you find, you need to verify the photo and see if that is the person you are looking for.

Using Twitter

Using Twitter is rather simple. All you have to do it visit and type in the name that you want to search.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn becomes more personalized when it comes to searching and reviewing a person’s professional life and recommendations. LinkedIn has the best filtering tools among all the social sites. Here you can select the company that the person is currently working at or his prior places of employment. The more details you know about a person, the more information you can find using LinkedIn.

Using Blogosphere

In today’s world most of us have a blog – at least on free blog sites. Most of these blogs with the name of individuals mentioned will come up in a Google search result when you do a name search. However, to make sure, you may want to use some blog search engines.

It is clear that the Internet can be a great source when trying to reveal more about a person’s identity. We are not suggesting that you can find anything and everything, but certainly you can know more about a person to some extent using an Internet search.