Sex Offenders Registry

Sex Offender Registries: An Essential Public Record

When approaching the subject of criminal records, most searchers immediately associate them with misdemeanor or felony offenses such as drunk driving, theft, fraud or even manslaughter or assault. Sadly, a growing sect of criminal records for both adults and children include those of sexual crimes. These crimes can include, but are not limited to, rape, assault, statutory rape or sexual contact with a minor.

Where Is Sex Offender Information Held?

In addition to the National Sex Offender Public Website, many states facilitate their own local registries that offer information regarding the location of registered offenders living and working in your area. Some of these registries may not participate in the national program, so it is vital to ensure a check of all publicly available sex offender information.

The possibility of a sex crime in someone’s past should not go unnoticed or unaddressed, as these criminals have a high recidivism rate and can go on to commit more violent crimes in the future. Using a comprehensive criminal background check will help to determine if your search subject has record of a sex offense in his or her past, regardless of where they have lived or how many times they have moved.

What’s the Real Danger?

Recidivism rates are extremely high for sex offenders, meaning they are highly likely to offend again. If your family or children are often in the presence of a convicted offender, they could be in danger of becoming a victim. Many of these offenders have excellent negotiating skills and are able to instill great trust from outside parties, exercising patience in gaining that trust. Over a period of weeks, months or even years, they can convince your children that they are a trusted adult. If a line is crossed, many children may not even report the offense, being coached by the offender that it is okay and should not be discussed with anyone else.

Prevention Is Key

It’s always a good idea to have a frank and open discussion with small children about how important it is to be open and honest with their parents about who they are spending time with and any activities that are taking place. If they are comfortable, they are more likely to notify you of any wrongdoing or precursor to it much sooner, allowing you to take the appropriate action of contacting your local authorities. Conducting a criminal background search helps you to remain safe rather than sorry to ensure new people in your family’s life are not currently found in a sex offender registry.