Searching Court Records Online

Regardless of the reasons for searching for court records in a person’s name, many people tend to put it off repeatedly because of the legwork it typically requires. Many times, court records need to be requested in person, and if you aren’t sure where they are held in the first place, you need to physically visit several counties and cities before tracking down the correct information you’re searching for – if ever. helps to streamline the process while searching for court records, as you can instantly search for any public documents held in a person’s name. This way, you aren’t trying to track them down totally blind, and will be given information on where the actual records are held so you can pursue obtaining actual copies if needed.

Other times, you may just need to know that certain court records exist in a person’s name – perhaps you don’t necessarily need to physically track down the document. In this case, an online court records search will quickly tell you if a divorce is found in someone’s name, a past criminal case, arrest, sex offense or even civil suit or bankruptcy.

The types of records typically returned in a court records search can include bankruptcies and liens; property records; birth records, marriage records, divorce records and death records; criminal records and civil suit records. These court records are deemed public in nature, and most people can review the information contained in them that is not personally identifiable to anyone involved in the case.

You can find such details including the names of the individuals involved, the dates of court hearings, as well as the disposition of the case. Court records may be necessary to confirm the marital status of yourself or a loved one (especially if you plan on applying for a new marriage license), determine if an acquaintance has a criminal past, or if you are conducting genealogical research and trying to complete information on your family tree.