Satisfaction of Mortgage

Property records are now able to be obtained online and easily searched with the click of a mouse. You no longer need to physically travel to the local court recorder and request documents regarding your property or a property you’re interested in purchasing. Property record checks may also be part of a background check into a company or individual’s personal holdings.

Among these records, information regarding a Satisfaction of Mortgage is also available online. can help you streamline your search process and find this information quickly.

A Satisfaction of Mortgage is simply a signed document where the lender states the mortgage has been released and fully paid. This type of property record proves that there are no more financial obligations required of the owner, and the property is owned free and clear.

Of course, insurance and property taxes will still need to be paid on the property. However, the Satisfaction of Mortgage letter will prove that there is no lien on the property in the event of a sale or attempt to retain another line of credit or loan against the property.

Information in a Satisfaction of Mortgage

Your local court recorder can provide a copy of a blank Satisfaction of Mortgage form, and you can frequently simply download one online. If you have an attorney, he or she can also provide the form required in your locale; you should always have an attorney confirm that your Satisfaction of Mortgage form is filled out correctly.

Although these forms may differ from county to county, the basic information contained in them remains the same. Thus, once you understand how to interpret a Satisfaction of Mortgage form, you can do so with one from anywhere in the country.

The information included in this form is the identity of the mortgagee, or borrower, as well as the mortgagor, or lender. The address of the property, date and original amount of the mortgage are also included in the Satisfaction of Mortgage form. Other details include the county and file location where you can physically locate the original document. The form must also be dated, signed and notarized in order to be considered valid.

Understanding this type of document and what it means – essentially, that the mortgage on a property has been satisfied – enables you to search for it online and determine in what situation you may need access to it. You may simply need to verify that your own mortgage has been satisfied, or want access to information regarding a property you may consider purchasing. Knowing the amount, if any, that a current owner owes on a property of interest can help you determine the best offer and limits of your negotiations.

Legal information and documents such as a Satisfaction of Mortgage can be confusing, but at we want to ensure you understand what you are researching and what the information means to you. You can now search with confidence using the tools we provide in order to find, obtain and understand the property records you need today.