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How to Read the Infotracer People Reports

Infotracer is a massive database with millions of public records. Using a name, address, phone, email or license plate search, within minutes you can be looking at a complete report of someone’s criminal past, their property holdings, court cases, arrest records, marriages, divorces and more.

What Information is Available on Infotracer Reports?

Infotracer people reports are like a full background check and include information from all areas of life. Due to the Freedom of Information Act, many records are now available online and publicly accessible. Infotracer brings all those sources together into one tidy report that shows you everything you need to know.

You will see a person’s full criminal history, driving record, court cases, marriages and divorces along with other legal battles they may be involved in. You will also see personal details like aliases they have used, current name, address, email, and phone numbers associated with them. You can even see their social media accounts and the activity posted on them. The people report will also show relatives names, the subject’s work history, and date of birth.

Infotracer also keeps records of assets, so you can see if the person owns any property, boats, cars, businesses, investments and even their net worth.

Additionally, Infotracer also does a deep web search to find anything connected to your search such as videos, images, blog posts and name mentions of the person in question.

Criminal Records – What Does a Criminal Record Show?

It is important to know that the people you are dealing with do not have a shady, criminal past. Using Infotracer, you can find out all about their arrests, felony records, convictions, and if there are any outstanding warrants on them. You will also see if they have ever been convicted of any misdemeanors. You can find out if they have ever been arrested for a DWI/DUI. The people records also show prison and jail records, mug shots, police report details, and if they have ever been on probation or parole.

Crimes like sex offenses, domestic abuse, assault, and other violent felonies will be listed. Things like tax evasion, perjury, mail fraud, or any drug offenses will also show up. In some cases, it is good to know if someone is a safe driver and you will also see if they have any traffic violations or more serious driving crimes.

Court Records

Court records can tell a lot about a person. Infotracer’s detailed court records are comprehensive and cover federal, county, state and municipal courts. When searching Infotracer, you will see any legal judgments against someone, bankruptcies, tax liens, criminal court cases, family court, and probate issues, personal injury, traffic court, and small claims cases. You can even see traffic violations and court rulings.

Court records dovetail into the criminal records, and you can see the details of crimes committed like assault, kidnapping, child abuse, or even something simple like resisting arrest.

The court records will also show civil cases, which is helpful if you are planning on doing business with someone. Cases, where they have breached a contract, been accused of malpractice or violated patent and trademark laws, will help you make a decision about them.

Property Records

There are dozens of instances where you need to find out if someone owns a piece of property. Infotracer’s property records will show you all you need to know, such as the owner’s personal information including name, phone number, email, and address.

Along with the property holdings you will see market, assessed and appraised values, plus tax information. You can also learn about the sales history of the property, who owned it and who purchased it. You can view land deeds, sales records, and prices. You can even view mortgage records to see if there are any outstanding liens on the property.

In each property’s details, you will see acreage, square footage, building parameters, floor, roof, garage, and heating codes, and more. You can even review information about water and sewer for the property.

As a bonus, you can learn about the neighborhood also and see if there are any sex offenders in the area.

No matter what you are curious about, chances are Infotracer has the answers you need.