Property Records: What Can Liens Tell You?

Property records typically refer to any official government document that concerns a piece of real property, particularly real estate. Local government offices, such as the recorder, auditor and treasurer, create and maintain these official documents. These can include property tax records, liens, bills of sale, legal descriptions and even surveys.

You may need to search for property records if you are considering buying a home or commercial property, or if you are curious about the property that someone else may own. In the past, you would need to physically visit the local courthouse to search for and request these documents. However, with the advent of the Internet and public records search engines such as, it is now possible to search for property records that aren’t local. Continue reading

Birth Records: A Vital Addition to Your Library

Birth records are considered one of the “vital records” contained in public databases across the country. Whenever a birth occurs and is recorded by the local health department, a birth certificate is issued that states the date of birth, full given name at birth, county of birth, sex and full names of the mother and father. Continue reading

Checking Your Own Marriage Records

If you are married or ever have been, there are marriage records that exist in your name in the locale where your original marriage license was issued. Generally, a copy of a marriage license, or marriage certificate, is given to the married couple after finalization of the ceremony, but in some cases you may need to request one.

Perhaps your marriage license has been lost, and you need an additional copy to keep in your personal files. You may also be filing for a new marriage license, and need to provide details regarding a prior marriage that can only be found in the records. If you have ever been the victim of identity theft, you may also need to check that someone hasn’t used your name when applying for a marriage license. Continue reading

Conduct a Criminal Records Check for New Acquaintances

Do you have a new neighbor, co-worker or other friend or acquaintance in your life? Do you really know what they are capable of or what their past looks like? Before allowing someone new access to your private property and family, it’s a wise decision to first conduct a criminal records search in their name. This can provide information regarding any past arrests, convictions, court records or even incarcerations that you may not otherwise we aware of. Continue reading

InfoTracer Can Help You Complete Your Family Tree

Genealogy searches are some of the most popular today, with many Americans choosing to trace their family histories to former generations and learn more about their origins. The most commonly requested records when completing a family tree include vital records such as birth, death, marriage and death records.

Birth records can provide clues about the names of someone’s parents and their place of birth, allowing the researcher to determine where a prior generation originated. Actual birth records are typically protected from public viewing until 100 or more years after the event to help in preventing identity theft, though if you are a close relative you may be able to request them sooner. Continue reading