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How Can you Find your Birth Parents Using InfoTracer

Finding and connecting with your birth parents can be exciting and scary at the same time. The task of where to begin might seem daunting, but it’s actually not that difficult using a tool like InfoTracer. The steps below should help you get started on the journey of reconnecting with your birth family and closing the gap in your ancestry.

How to Start Looking for Your Birth Parents

Your adoptive parents should have some basic information on your adoption. Most recent adoptions are open or at least semi-open as opposed to the “closed” method of the past. At the very least you or your parents should have a copy of your birth certificate. This document will provide you with the names of both your parents along with their dates of birth and where they were born. If you do not have a copy, you can contact the state and county where you were born and for a small fee get a certified copy.

Many states across American also have adoption reunion registry lists, another great resource to use to reconnect with your birth parents. Both parents and adopted children can register on these lists. You can contact your state to see if they offer this service.

You may also contact the original adoption agency or lawyer that handled your adoption and request a copy of your records.

Online, there are also adoption connection websites, some free and some charge a fee, where parents and adopted children can reunite with one another pretty easily.

Another very helpful and free resource is social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great places to find people you want to reconnect with. Due to the vast network of users, you might already know someone who knows someone else who is related to your birth parents. It really is a small world on social media.

Tips on Collecting Basic Information

At the very least you will need your parent’s names. It is better if you also have their dates of birth and places of birth. But, if you have trouble finding even the basic information of your parent’s names, you can search their birth records online.

You might also consider using a private investigator, an attorney or a service like the “adoption search angels” that find birth parent information for you. DNA services may also be able to help to find your parent’s names and address.

How to Find Parents Using InfoTracer

Once you have your parent’s names, you can use InfoTracer to find them. Even if you already know their address, you can see other interesting information about them such as any criminal history, arrests, convictions, incarcerations, lawsuits, bankruptcies, court cases, marriages and divorces, and even other relative’s names. It helps in knowing more about the people you intend to contact and want to get to know.

The report you get with InfoTracer will include more than just their address and phone number. If they are on social media, you can see those records too. Social media offers a great way to get to know your parents before reaching out to them. If they share online, you might be able to view recent photos, see trips they have taken and find out all about their personalities and what they are up to.

If they own property in the area, that is also public record and the report will show that. You can even find out if your birth parents are still married or divorced. InfoTracer includes email addresses assigned to your parents that you can use to initiate contact. You may also see phone numbers for them or probate information if they are deceased. Before writing that email or picking up the phone to call your birth parents, you will have all the information you need by doing a quick search.

The journey to find your birth parents can be one of the conflicting emotions but finding them and all about them doesn’t have to be. InfoTracer’s search tools, make that part easier and help you to fill in the blanks before your memorable reunion.