Has Your Identity Been Compromised?

Background checks can be performed for multiple reasons, including but not limited to learning more about new people in your life. However, due to the vast increase in identity thefts in recent years, performing a background check in your own name can also prove to help ensure your safety and the legitimacy of information others may find about you.

It is not uncommon for some criminals to use family members’ or other’s identities when they are arrested and/or accused of crimes such as sex offenses, theft, burglary and even rape or murder. Since many criminal records are considered public, outside parties are able to request records in your name without your knowledge, so it’s vital to ensure the information they access is correct.¬†Online shopping, banking and business and personal correspondence can all open you up to the possibility of becoming an innocent victim of this crime, and most of us have all used the Internet for one or more of these purposes in the past.

Should you find false or incorrect information in your background check, you will need to follow the appropriate steps established by the responsible agency to try to change your record. InfoTracer.com can help you instantly check for any negative information in your past, allowing you to further research these documents and their contents.

Other than identity theft, checking your own background can help you ensure the accuracy of your public records. Have you ever been divorced or party to a civil suit? If so, you may need to ensure the records have been updated and reflect the correct information regarding the disposition of your case. This is also true for liens and bankruptcies that may tarnish your name.

One of the main advantages to using InfoTracer.com to conduct a background check in your own name is that you can conduct your search across the country, without having to limit your results to a specific state or area. This can be helpful if you have lived in several jurisdictions, or if you have unknowingly become the victim of identity theft and the thief is not local.