Types of Driving Records

Driving records can be problematic to verify. At infotracer.com, we can help you identify various types of driving records. There are three basic types of driving records that you can get. The first of the types is on driving infractions. These are your basic, routine offenses that many people find themselves guilty of. They can include speeding tickets, running red lights and similar infractions. They usually do not require arrest or jail time and are settled with a fine.

These types of records are available from the local DMV usually for a small fee. They can vary anywhere from $10 to $75 or more depending on the record and the state. If you are getting someone else’s records, you will typically need to get a signed release form and you may not be able to get them instantly.

The second types of records that are available are misdemeanors. These can be reckless driving, DUI and DWI offenses, depending on the state. These often show up on a full background report done by a private investigator. You might also find them if you use an online public records database. They are sometimes listed on reports released by the DMV as well.

The third type of driving record is the most serious. This is the felony offense. It includes serious incidents like hit and run, vehicular homicide and other serious infractions. Often people with driving records like this will lose their license, If not permanently than for a specified period of time.

Some driving records will be downloadable instantly from the Internet where others you might have to wait to come in the mail. This could take 1-3 days in some cases but again it varies.


Anyone who has gone to court to fight or pay a traffic ticket has been to traffic court. Most of the traffic court issues are not considered crimes of any type but a small fee is charged for the minor violations. Any major violation is going to come under a criminal heading and is going to require a search in a different database. Continue reading