Record Redaction

Record redaction is designed to protect people’s privacy. At, we can help you understand why certain documents have been redacted and what to do if you want to redact something that you have on records out there. This is an important part of records search because you also need to learn to recognize it if you see it happen in your own records that you seek on someone else.

Document redaction is often done to protect someone. Basically record redaction is the process of removing sensitive information from documents. For example, social security numbers may be removed from certain documents. Judgment documents will only redact the first five numbers in the social security number.

There are different laws regarding redaction. Information that should not be publicly released can be redacted so that this specific information is deleted or “black-penned” from the document.

It’s important that you know that the Freedom of Information Act only applies to information and not to documents. This means that you cannot request that an entire document be removed from public record if it is legal for it to be there. All you can request is that certain confidential information be removed from those documents and hidden from potential identity abusers or other people who want to do malicious things with It.

Now that you understand redact definition, you can see why this process is in place to help people. In fact, one of the most common reasons for information redaction is Identity theft prevention. Most people do not want certain pieces of their private information to be out there as a matter of public record. However, when these private details are included in a public document, it is possible that they could be revealed to people who you don’t want to have them. This is when a redaction can help with this.

The redaction process is usually considered pretty simple. You just need to request in writing that certain info be redacted from the document in question. You will need to be the person who the documents refer to and you will need to make the request in the appropriate fashion but if you do, this is pretty much all there is to do.

Legal redaction is sometimes ordered in cases to protect a person’s identity. Legal redaction may be done on court records that involve a minor in order to protect that minor’s identity as well. If you have been a victim and you have taken the case to court, legal redaction may be ordered on your records or on financial records pertaining to the theft or victimization. These are just some examples of how this process is used in record keeping today.

Identity Theft Prevention

When it comes to identity theft protection, record redaction may be done to help remove records that could harm a person or that have been created due to a crime. For example, if your identity was stolen and someone created legal or financial troubles in your name, these records may be redacted.

Typically you will need to request a redaction if you want certain sensitive information removed from your public records. To do this, you will need to follow the rules and regulations of the courts. Typically it involves a signed letter in writing stating that you are the person named in the records and that you want a redaction done.

Now that you know more about the redaction process, you can be more informed regarding your own records. You also need to be aware that when you make a redaction from electronic documents that there are some chances that it could be reversed thanks to technological advances. Continue reading