Types of Court Records

There are many different types of courts which each has their own Types of Court Records. In most cases, these are considered public court records. There are free court records that anyone can access to see all the files that are contained in them. These court public records can be found online and if those who are searching for them know where to look. Since there are many different types of courts, there are going to be a wide variety of databases to search in. infotracer.com can offer advice for those who want to know where to search for certain Types of Court Records.

Civil Actions

Civil actions are court proceedings that involve monetary awards. These are awards that would be much higher than small claims courts. There are online court records for civil actions that show the reason for the case and the outcome. The attorneys are listed as well as the judge who sat the case. Since these proceedings are public, anyone can view the files. Continue reading

Criminal Felonies

Criminal felony court cases can be quite interesting to those who follow them. Some may want to look at the court criminal records to see the transcripts and the chain of evidence files. Those who have been involved in their own criminal felony trial may want a copy of the records for their own files or for appeal reasons. These can also be obtained online by those involved and those who are trying to help the appeal process. Continue reading

Criminal Misdemeanors

Criminal misdemeanors are those crimes that are not heinous enough to be considered a felony. This can include petty larceny, driving while intoxicated and simple assault that was not with a deadly weapon. These courts records are also open and anyone can get access to the results of the proceedings by searching for them online. InfoTracer.com can help a researcher find out whether the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor as each state has their own guidelines on crimes and their severity. Continue reading

Domestic Relations

Domestic relations are also considered in some jurisdictions as family court. This is where marriages are dissolved and where child custody hearings are held. Not all of these proceedings are considered a public court record as juvenile children can some times be involved. Those records that do not pertain to children may be open as long as the judge does not seal them. Continue reading


It is much harder to get access to court records from juvenile court. In most states, juvenile records are sealed to protect the youth in question. These Types of Court Records are not considered public domain and they can not be accessed by just anyone. These are the hardest type of court records to research. Continue reading