Search Databases

Those who are looking for past or current case filing should know how to Search Databases to get access to their own files. There are some instances where others are going to need to access these files for confirmation and other reasons. Because there are so many free search databases to choose from it can be difficult to find the one that is going to offer the information that is being sought after. can offer assistance in finding the right public search database to access in order to get the right files. This is going to save a great deal of time doing research. When time is a factor, this is going to be a huge help.


The NARA is the National Archives and Record Administration is where all of the important information for the country is stored. Anyone can search database records to find out a great deal about their ancestry and about the historical documents and photos of the country’s history. Items such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution can all be found here. This is also where pertinent military information can be found such as the records from all of the wars and political upheavals that the country has gone through. Searches can be conducted on immigration as well as freed slave documents. Any important document having to do with the history of the country are going to be found here. Continue reading


VCIS is an acronym for Voice Case Information System and offers search databases via the telephone as opposed to using a computer. There are some people who are not computer literate who still need to access their cases whether prior cases or cases that have been recently filed. Any touch tone phone can be used to access these free people search databases to see where the case is at currently or when the case was closed and what the outcome was. These records go back further than the others as the VCIS was set up before the internet was established as a public medium. The records can be accessed from 1988 to current filings that are still pending. The information on current files is updated daily so those who have a pending case can find out the status daily. There is no charge for searching this database but any files prior to 1988 are going to need be found in the courts where the proceedings took place. Continue reading