Disclosure Types

Before you set out to look for a job and fill out applications, It’s important to understand how the application process works. Most all employers will do some type of background check. This is how they protect themselves, their business and their other employees from someone that is not qualified or who has a criminal history. It’s essential to know and understand how background checks work when seeking employment. In order to fully understand these reports, you need to know a little something about disclosures.

There are two main disclosure types that you need to be aware of and they are called the statutory disclosure and the voluntary disclosure. These two types of disclosures cover a very broad field. All types of businesses and individuals use disclosures as a way to protect themselves in a variety of different situations. For example, employers use them to make sure the employees they hire are suited for the job and don’t pose a threat to the company or other employees.

Many companies that sell products or provide services use disclosures to protect themselves from consumers that may misuse a product or service and want to sue the company for damages. Regardless of which type of disclosure used, they are designed to protect both the individual and company.

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