Who Is Calling You?? Reverse Phone Lookups at InfoTracer

Have you been receiving hang-ups or calls from an unknown number? Does your caller ID provide a number without identity information of the owner? InfoTracer provides the ability to quickly and easily conduct a reverse phone lookup by simply entering a ten-digit phone number and obtaining information about the owner.

A reverse phone lookup is conducted anonymously, as the records utilized in the InfoTracer database are public by nature. This means that you can access the information held within them without the person knowing you are doing it. Now you can rest easy knowing who your mystery caller is — whether it’s a business or personal line, a land or mobile number, and where they are located. Continue reading

Find Them with A People Search at InfoTracer.com

Do you have a long-lost loved one whom you want to get in contact with? Most people have at least a distant relative, former partner, associate or even college roommate they’d like to  reach out to at some point in time. This is where InfoTracer.com can help locate their whereabouts and contact details, regardless of how long it’s been since you talked to them.

Phone numbers are published by local phone companies, and even some cell phone number directories can lead you to mobile numbers registered under the name you’re searching. Addresses and email addresses are frequently used in public directories and even social network profiles. You can even locate someone’s DOB and their relatives and associates based on several public records with a people search online. Continue reading

Has Your Identity Been Compromised?

Background checks can be performed for multiple reasons, including but not limited to learning more about new people in your life. However, due to the vast increase in identity thefts in recent years, performing a background check in your own name can also prove to help ensure your safety and the legitimacy of information others may find about you.

It is not uncommon for some criminals to use family members’ or other’s identities when they are arrested and/or accused of crimes such as sex offenses, theft, burglary and even rape or murder. Since many criminal records are considered public, outside parties are able to request records in your name without your knowledge, so it’s vital to ensure the information they access is correct. Online shopping, banking and business and personal correspondence can all open you up to the possibility of becoming an innocent victim of this crime, and most of us have all used the Internet for one or more of these purposes in the past. Continue reading

Searching Court Records Online

Regardless of the reasons for searching for court records in a person’s name, many people tend to put it off repeatedly because of the legwork it typically requires. Many times, court records need to be requested in person, and if you aren’t sure where they are held in the first place, you need to physically visit several counties and cities before tracking down the correct information you’re searching for – if ever.

InfoTracer.com helps to streamline the process while searching for court records, as you can instantly search for any public documents held in a person’s name. This way, you aren’t trying to track them down totally blind, and will be given information on where the actual records are held so you can pursue obtaining actual copies if needed. Continue reading

Researching Court Records

Court records can provide vital clues about someone’s past, simply provide you with the legal documentation you need to apply for a new marriage license or otherwise confirm the disposition of a case you were involved in. A court record includes any type of public document from a divorce case, criminal case or other civil case heard in a courtroom. Continue reading