Cyberbullying Facts, Statistics and Prevention

Kids growing up now are living different lives than their parents. The Internet and social media have created an entirely different environment and new ways to socialize and connect with others. Modern children spend a lot of time online playing games, emailing and chatting with friends. Most of this technology Continue Reading

What is common law marriage?

The phrase “common law marriage” is used more frequently than the actual legal status, which is in fact only recognized in a handful of locations in the U.S. A common law marriage is a union of two people that has not been legitimized by legal (documentary) or religious means. In Continue Reading

How Inheritance Laws Work

Inheritance refers to when someone dies and passes on their assets, property, and rights to decedents. Survivors of the deceased may be bequeathed all or some of the individual’s belongings according to the person’s will. However, inheritance law also comes into play and sometimes overrides the stipulations of the will. Continue Reading

How to Contest a Will: Legal Grounds

Contesting a will means someone wants the will of a loved one or relative thrown out on specific grounds. Challenging a will usually happens when a descendant did not get their fair share, or what they expected to get. Contesting a Will: What Grounds and Reasons Despite what an heir Continue Reading

The 5th Amendment: What Does it Mean for You?

Everyone has heard the phrase “I plead the fifth” in courtroom dramas but what does it really mean? This important amendment to our Constitution signed into law by Congress in 1791 states: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment Continue Reading

Articles of Incorporation

If you’re starting a company, chances are you’ve given some thought to its structure. A corporation has a specific structure with associated tax and record-keeping obligations. Articles of incorporation are official public documents filed with the state where the business resides that declares its intention to maintain compliance with the tax Continue Reading


Why is embezzlement different from theft? An embezzlement is a form of theft, specifically by an employee or other trusted associate. It is considered a white-collar crime because it is a breach of fiduciary duty. Another term for embezzlement is misappropriation. It occurs when a person responsible for the safekeeping Continue Reading

Genealogy Research

Basics of genealogy research Genealogy research was once a hobby for grandmothers and an arcane research tool of academics, but now everyone wants to trace their family roots. The motivation for doing so can be as simple as curiosity, as time-sensitive as a serious diagnosis, and as complex as applying Continue Reading

Power Of Attorney

How does a power of attorney work? Powers of attorney allows a person to execute legal documents for another person. It is in effect a contract between the two, allowing certain actions to be taken. Most states require that a power of attorney be notarized in order for it to Continue Reading

Vital Records

Where can vital records be found? Vital records are essential to identifying a person: these are the birth, death, and marriage certificates created by state officials. Each state has a department responsible for the management and safekeeping of these records as well as regulations about who can receive copies. Individuals Continue Reading

U.S. Court of Appeals

What cases define the U.S. Court of Appeals? Federal courts, called U.S. District Courts, are located in each state. These courts hear violations of treaties and federal laws, cases in which the government is a party, as well as civil complaints that involve patents, copyrights, multiple states, and bankruptcy cases. Continue Reading

Specialty Courts

What can Specialty Courts do? States have created specialty courts, also called problem-solving courts, to divert certain cases from the traditional legal system and potentially save money as a result of housing fewer people in jails. These courts are limited to dealing with specific types of cases rather than a Continue Reading

Reverse Email Search

What’s the best reverse lookup service? A reverse lookup service is an internet website that can tell you who is behind a certain phone number or email address. Many require payment to reveal results of your searches. This information is derived from scouring millions of pages of online information and Continue Reading

Traffic DMV Records

What are traffic violations and their consequences? Traffic violations can be minor – or significant – crimes, and they are punished according to their severity. A traffic violation is an error in the operation of a motor vehicle, whether in motion or not, that results in some form of punishment Continue Reading

Sex Offenders Registry

Sex Offender Registries: An Essential Public Record When approaching the subject of criminal records, most searchers immediately associate them with misdemeanor or felony offenses such as drunk driving, theft, fraud or even manslaughter or assault. Sadly, a growing sect of criminal records for both adults and children include those of sexual Continue Reading