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Comprehensive & Instant Public Records Search

Public Records

Public Records

Public records contain sensitive information that is open to the wide public. People who try to find public records are interested in someone's birth and death records, contact details, marriage and divorce files, bankruptcies or arrest and criminal records.

Public Records Database

Public Records Database

Searching for public records online is outstandingly more practical, fast and hassle-free, by comparison with time-consuming in-person research at courthouses. With a powerful data aggregation system, InfoTracer's public records database needs just a few seconds to compile someone's full public profile and display it on your screen.

Arrests & Criminal Records

Arrests & Criminal Records

Arrests and criminal records reveal an individual's history of wrongdoing. The difference is that not everyone who gets arrested is a criminal. When a court finds them guilty of a crime, a criminal record is issued. Such records include full name, age, arrest/crime classification, date of birth, eye color, gender, hair color, height, offense, state, and weight.

Court Records

Court Records

Court records aggregate information from court documents stored at courthouses. Non-confidential data from traffic court cases, criminal court cases, personal injury cases, small claims court cases, family court cases or court cases become instantly available only, with a quick database lookup.

Public Records Report

What Else You Can Find in a Public Records Report?

Marriage & Divorce Records

The marriage & divorce records section of your report has will immediately reveal if your person of interest was married or divorced, when and where it happened, spouse's name, bride's maiden name, as well as important matters pertaining to the divorce case.


Find out what type of assets somebody owns, including properties, cars, aircraft, boats, businesses and many more. A person's net worth, income, investments can be tracked online, effortlessly, with just a few taps.

Driving Records

A driving history check is an excellent way to access someone's traffic law violations, DUIs, DWIs, suspensions, accidents, revocations, and other driving-related convictions

Deep Web & Social Search

The enhanced web and social search uncovers secret social media accounts, e-mail addresses, websites, forum posts, blogs, images, videos and other hidden content on someone's digital footprint.

Common Questions About Public Records

What Is Considered a Public Record?

A public record refers to information contained by documents that are no longer confidential. In other words, it is a paper trail of somebody's personal data, extracted from various sources, such as courthouses' or law enforcement agencies' databases. They include data from birth records, marriage and divorce records, arrest and criminal records and more.

How Does Public Record Lookup Work?

In order to gather a person's full profile, you can visit the respective county court, or you can head to a data aggregation website. An online lookup tool is the quickest way to perform a thorough search into somebody's public history of sensitive data.

What Other Types Of Public Records Can Help?

Our online public records search tools uncover the most relevant information, beyond criminal records. Search deeper! Browse more civil and criminal data from millions of Court Judgements, Liens, Driving Records, Bankruptcy Records, Warrants, Property Records, and Death Records.

Why Search for Public Records with InfoTracer?

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money has one of the most extensive coverage areas in the industry. We cover over 3,500 federal, state & municipal sources nationwide. Spare a time consuming visit to a courthouse & save money by accessing the same records with our powerful online search.

Extensive Database

Extensive Database has one of the largest public records databases in the industry, over 2 billion records and counting. These range from criminal histories, arrest records, bankruptcy filings to assets, marriage & divorce records.

Always Updated

Always Updated

Our data is updated regularly to bring you one of the up-to-date records in the industry. Some of our data such as arrest records are updated on a daily basis across all available states.

Public Records Lookup