Look Up Property Records By Address

Our Property Report is a custom-designed report that contains a vast amount of data on a property and its owner/s.

The unique advantage of this report is that it offers a full Property Profile, which includes such data as:

  • Property owner names, and contact information.
  • Current & previous residents
  • Property's last recorded sale price and sale history
  • Property's assessed value
  • Any liens and judgments placed against the property
  • Property-Neighborhood demographic
  • List of sex offenders living in the area
  • Satellite & Map images of property

Property Records Search

There is more information than you may think available to you, if you are seeking background information on a particular individual. One of these is property records. If you have the proper resources and the information on how to conduct a search of this kind, it can be as easy as typing in a full name of the person you know.

Public records are available to anyone who seeks the information and are generally comprised of every action committed in relation to the government at all levels of jurisdiction. This can refer to crimes processed through the courts, arrests made by law enforcement, records of marriage and property ownership. It is with the last of these that we will focus on for the purpose of this article, so you will know what is available in this regard. Property records information can be invaluable for a number of reasons if you choose the right property records search service.

The InfoTracer property records search, for example, can offer a wide range of direct and peripheral but also, extremely important property records information for your search. It should be noted that the following information is not commonly offered in similar search services, nor is it updated as often as InfoTracer does. Here is a list of the most compelling pieces of property records information available, as is evidenced through the InfoTracer property report below:

  • Property owner names, and contact information: It is often valuable to know who owns a specific property, with whom if applicable, and their contact information.
  • Current & previous residents: Need to know who is living at a particular residence, and is on the property records deed for it? We have it. We can even offer you a history of previous owners and residents for your convenience.
  • Properties last recorded sale price and sale history: Find out with this information how much the property was worth, sold for, and previous to that-what it sold for.
  • Properties assessed value: Knowing how much a property is assessed at gives you the invaluable information as to what you should pay for it, if you are looking to purchase it.
  • Any liens and judgments placed against the property: It is significant to know if there has been any court ordered liens or judgments on a property in question; as it will help you know something about the owner and previous owners, as well as the nature of the property itself.
  • Property-Neighborhood demographic: The demographic of the property neighborhood lets you know very vital details, such as what kinds of incomes are the average in the neighborhood, crimes committed, ages of residents, etc.
  • List of sex offenders living in the area: Included in the comprehensive information of InfoTracer property records search, is the registered sex offenders in the neighborhood.
  • Satellite & Map images of the property: We also offer a satellite and map images for a view of the topography of the area.