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Tennessee Property Records Search
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Tennessee Property Records

What are Tennessee Property Records?

Tennessee property records are available to the public, just like birth and death records. You can access them through the county property assessor's office, third-party websites, and the Tennessee Property Data website, an online database by the Comptroller of the Treasury.

Whether you're looking for information on your property or someone else's, these resources can help you find what you need. Real estate agents, investors, and homeowners in Tennessee can all benefit from having access to accurate property data.


Where to Find Tennessee Property Records

The easiest and most convenient way to find property records is online through the county property assessor's office or The Tennessee Property Data website maintained by the Comptroller of the Treasury.

To access these records, you will need to provide information such as the property owner's name, address, and parcel ID number.

It is important to note that not all counties in Tennessee have an online database of property records. For these counties, you will need to visit the county office in person to request access to the documents.

InfoTracer is also an excellent resource for finding property records in Tennessee, as well as other public records.


What Information Can You Find in Tennessee Property Records?

Individuals planning to buy or sell a property and real estate professionals can find a wealth of information in Tennessee property records.

Some of the most critical data that these records contain include:

  • The purchase price of the property
  • Owner history
  • Property taxes paid
  • Liens and mortgages on the property
  • Details about the property include square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, acreage, etc.
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Town description
  • Deed restrictions
  • Flood zone designation
  • Survey information

Other types of data may be available in Tennessee property records, depending on the county you search in.


Tennessee Property Tax Records

A property tax record, also called a millage rate, is a public document that lists the amount of money owed in taxes for a particular piece of property.

The millage rate is calculated by considering the assessed value of the property and the tax rate set by the county.

For those considering purchasing a property in Tennessee, it is good to know that the state has some of the lowest property taxes in the country. Tennessee's average effective property tax rate is just 0.64%, compared to the national average of 1.08%.

Shelby County is the most populous county in Tennessee, and it also has the highest property taxes. In Shelby County, the average effective property tax rate is 1.42%, over twice the state average.

Williamson County also has high property taxes, with an effective rate of 0.55%, due to high home values in the county.

Cumberland County, meanwhile, has the lowest property taxes in the state, with an effective rate of just 0.39% with median annual taxes of $534.


Tennessee Registry of Deeds Offices

The Registry of Deeds is the office that records property transactions for a county or state. There are 95 counties in Tennessee, and each has its Registry of Deeds.

The Registry of Deeds is responsible for recording all documents related to real estate transactions, such as deeds, mortgages, liens, and easements.

Here are the contact details for the Registry of Deeds offices in some of the most populous counties in Tennessee:

Bradley County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 579
Cleveland, Tennessee, 37364
Phone: 423-728-7240
Fax: 423-478-8888

Davidson County Register of Deeds
501 Broadway
Nashville, Tennessee, 37203
Phone: 615-862-6790
Fax: 615-880-2039

Cheatham County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 453
Ashland City, Tennessee, 37015
Phone: 615-792-4317
Fax: 615-792-2039

Campbell County Register-Deeds
570 Main Street
Jacksboro, Tennessee, 37757
Phone: 423-562-3864
Fax: 423-562-9833

Bedford County Recorder of Deeds
108 Northside Park Drive
Shelbyville, Tennessee, 37160
Phone: 931-684-5719
Fax: 931-685-2086

Hardin County Recorder of Deeds
465 Main Street
Savannah, Tennessee, 38372
Phone: 731-925-4936
Fax: 731-925-5891

Knox County Recorder of Deeds
400 Main Street
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37902
Phone: 865-215-2330
Fax: 865-215-2332

Shelby County Recorder of Deeds
1075 Mullins Station Road
Memphis, Tennessee, 38134
Phone: 901-222-8100
Fax: 901-222-8134

Williamson County Register of Deeds
1320 West Main Street
Franklin, Tennessee, 37064
Phone: 615-790-5706
Fax: 615-790-5459

Dickson County Register-Deeds
4 Court Square
Charlotte, Tennessee, 37036
Phone: 615-789-5123
Fax: 615-789-3893

Maury County Register of Deeds
1 Public Square
Columbia, Tennessee, 38401
Phone: 931-375-2101
Fax: 931-375-2119


Frequently Asked Questions About Tennessee Property Records

How Do I Find Out Who Owns a Property in Tennessee?

Tennessee has a public records law that stipulates that all government records are open to the public unless specifically exempt from disclosure.

To find out who owns a property in Tennessee, you can contact the county assessor's office or the Registry of Deeds for the county where the property is located.

The state also has a database that you can use to search for property owners by address, parcel number, or deed reference across the state.

InfoTracer's search engine can also look up property ownership information in Tennessee.

How Do I Find Property Details Online?

The best way to find property details in Tennessee is to use the state's e-search portal. This website allows you to search for property records by address, parcel number, or owner name.

You can also use InfoTracer's efficient search tool to find property records from multiple counties at once.

Where are Deeds Recorded in Tennessee?

Deeds are documents that transfer ownership of property from one person to another. In Tennessee, deeds are recorded at the county level by the Register of Deeds.

Each county has its own office, and you can find the contact information for the office on the state's website.

It is essential to know the requirements for recording a deed in Tennessee before trying to register one. For example, the deed must be signed by the grantor and notarized before recording it.

You can visit the website or contact the office for more information.

How Do I Find Out About Tennessee Unclaimed Property?

The Tennessee Department of Treasury is in charge of managing unclaimed property throughout the state. Unclaimed assets might include cash, equities, bonds, and other valuables abandoned by their owners.

You can use the department's website to search for unclaimed property. If you find a property that you think might belong to you, you can submit a claim online so that the department can verify your ownership.

You may need to provide some personal information, such as your social security number, and you might need to provide documentation to prove your identity or ownership of the property.

InfoTracer can also help you locate unclaimed property in Tennessee.

Tennessee Property Records Search
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Start Your Free Search