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Oregon Property Records Search

Oregon Property Records

What are Oregon Property Records?

The County Assessor maintains Oregon property records in each county. These records include information on land and property in Oregon, including ownership information, appraisal values, tax assessment figures, and other relevant data.

Property owners can access these records to stay up to date on their property taxes or research the value of a piece of property before making a purchase.


Where to Find Oregon Property Records

The Registry of Deeds or the County Assessor's office in the county where the property is located should have records of that county's property.

InfoTracer, a powerful search engine, maintains a comprehensive database of public records like property records from all 50 states, including Oregon.


What Information Can You Find in Oregon Property Records?

Oregon property records contain a wealth of data valid for individuals and businesses.

Some of the most common data points found in these records include:

  • Property owner's name
  • Property address
  • Parcel number
  • Appraisal value
  • Tax assessment figures
  • Sales history

This information can vary somewhat from county to county. Still, in general, you should be able to find most, if not all, of this data in Oregon property records.


Oregon Property Tax Records

The average property tax rate in Oregon is 0.90%, slightly lower than the national average of 1.07%.

Clackamas County has the highest property tax rate in Oregon, at 1.02%. The lowest property tax rate can be found in Klamath County, at 0.81%.

Once you know your county's property tax rate, you can use that information to calculate how much you will owe in property taxes on a given piece of property.

If you need to find Oregon property tax records for a specific county, you can find them online through the county assessor's office or InfoTracer.


Oregon Registry of Deeds Offices

The Registry of Deeds is the office in each county that keeps records of real estate transactions.

Below are the addresses and contact information for the Registry of Deeds offices in some of Oregon's largest counties:

Clackamas County Recorder of Deeds
1710 South Red Soils Court
Oregon, Oregon, 97045
Phone: 503-655-8551
Fax: 503-650-5688

Lane County Recorder of Deeds
125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon, 97401
Phone: 541-682-3654
Fax: 541-682-3330

Linn County Clerk's Office
300 Southwest 4th Avenue
Albany, Oregon, 97321
Phone: 541-967-3829
Fax: 541-926-5109

Josephine County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 69
Grants Pass, Oregon, 97528
Phone: 541-474-5240
Fax: 541-474-5246

Washington County Recorder of Deeds
155 North 1st Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon, 97124
Phone: 503-846-8752
Fax: 503-846-3909


Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon Property Records

How Do I Find Out Who Owns a Property in Oregon?

To find out who owns a piece of property in Oregon, you can search the county assessor's office or the Registry of Deeds.

InfoTracer can also help you locate Oregon property records at the county level.

How Do I Find Property Details Online?

You can visit the website of the county assessor's office or the Registry of Deeds for that county.

If you need help finding Oregon property records, InfoTracer can provide you with a comprehensive report that includes all available public data.

Where are Deeds Recorded in Oregon?

The county clerk's office is responsible for recording deeds in Oregon.

You can find the contact information for county clerk's offices on their website.

How Do I Find Out About Oregon Unclaimed Property?

The Oregon State Treasury is responsible for managing unclaimed property in Oregon.

You can search for unclaimed property by contacting the Oregon State Treasury or visiting InfoTracer.

Oregon Property Records Search