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Kentucky Property Records Search

Kentucky Property Records

What are Kentucky Property Records?

The Kentucky Open Records Act is a series of laws that guarantees public access to public records.

The act allows any person to request access to public records from any state or local government agency. Property records are a part of the public records and, as such, are available to anyone who requests them.

Homebuyers, real estate agents, and homeowners can request access to property records. The records include the deed, mortgage documents, tax records, and more.


Where to Find Kentucky Property Records

There is no unified repository for all public records in Kentucky. Public information is kept at the county level in each county office.

The place to start for property records is in the county recorder's office. The recorder's office is responsible for keeping all real estate documents and property-related transactions.

You can visit the recorder's office in person or online to access these records.

InfoTracer, a public records platform, offers a public records search tool that can be used to find property records.


What Information Can You Find in Kentucky Property Records?

Property records can include various information, depending on the type of record.

Below are some of the most common types of information you can find in Kentucky property records:

  • Property address
  • Property owner's name
  • Deed
  • Mortgage documents
  • Tax records
  • Assessment records
  • Building permits

If you're looking for specific information, it's best to contact the recorder's office to find out what records they have on file.


Kentucky Property Tax Records

Kentucky has a low property tax rate compared to other states. The average effective property tax rate in Arizona is 0.82%.

The median property tax in Kentucky is $1,257 per year for a home. Properties are assessed on January 1st by the county assessor's office.

Campbell County has the highest property taxes in the state, with an average rate of 1.17%. In comparison, Carter County has the lowest property taxes, with an average rate of 0.51%.


Kentucky Registry of Deeds Offices

The Registry of Deeds is the office responsible for recording all real estate documents in Kentucky.

The Registry of Deeds is a part of the county clerk's office. The following is a list of some of Kentucky's Registry of Deeds offices:

Boone County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 874
Burlington, Kentucky, 41005
Phone: 859-334-3624
Fax: 859-334-2193

Fayette County Recorder of Deeds
162 East Main Street
Lexington, Kentucky, 40507
Phone: 859-253-3344
Fax: 859-225-5754

Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 35396
Louisville, Kentucky, 40232
Phone: 502-574-5785
Fax: 502-574-8103

Kenton County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 121109
Covington, Kentucky, 41012
Phone: 859-392-1600
Fax: 859-392-1613

Warren County Recorder of Deeds
PO Box 478
Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42102
Phone: 270-842-9416
Fax: 270-843-5319


Frequently Asked Questions About Kentucky Property Records

How Do I Find Out Who Owns a Property in Kentucky?

The county recorder's office is the best place to start. The recorder's office will have all of the most up-to-date information on property ownership.

You may search through public records online or in person. You will likely be required to pay a small fee for each search.

How Do I Find Property Details Online?

The best way to find property details is to search through the county recorder's office website. Many counties have an online database of property records that you can search through.

You may also be able to find some property information through InfoTracer. This online search tool compiles public records across the United States.

Where are Deeds Recorded in Kentucky?

The County Clerk's office is responsible for recording all deeds in Kentucky. Requirements for recording a deed may vary from county to county, so it's best to check with the County Clerk's office in the county where the property is located.

How Do I Find Out About Kentucky Unclaimed Property?

The State Treasury is responsible for managing all unclaimed property in Kentucky. You can search for unclaimed property online or in person at the State Treasury office.

InfoTracer also has access to unclaimed property records.

Kentucky Property Records Search