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Instant Property Records Search Online

Property Records

Property Records

Property records are public documents that record property and real estate transactions with the public authorities through the registry of deeds. They include vital information on each real estate purchase, such as ownership, address, value, liens and tax details.

Property Details

Property Details

A property records search report will deliver property details like square footage, acreage, building area, garage/parking, foundation code, flooring code, roof framing code, garage code, stories, building style, units, electricity code, fuel code, water code and much more!

Property Value

Property Value

Our Property Value section will get you access to in-depth information about all the aspects related to a property’s value: calculated total value, land value, improvement value, assessed value, market value, appraised total value and tax amount.

Mortgage Records

Mortgage Records

You can find out a property’s mortgage information, such as mortgage amount, date, loan type, deed type, term code, due date, assumption amount, lender name, lender code, second mortgage amount, second mortgage loan and second mortgage deed type.

Owner Information

Owner Information

The ownership section of the report will contain information on all the parties who have owned a specific property, including their full names (for individuals), trust name or company name (if applicable) and phone number, email address and other information.

Property Records Report

What Else Can You Find in a Property Record Report?

Property Liens

Property lien records found in the report indicate whether a creditor has the right to possess a debtor’s property. You will find out the property owner(s) name, assessed property value, tax amount, recording date, mortgage amount, term and due date, deed type code and more.

Property Values & Sales History

Among the data featured in our report, the following information could be available to you, regarding a property: assessed value, market value, tax amount, deed category, sale date, sale price, property photos (outside and inside), residential model, and prior sales details.

Common Questions About Property Records

Where to Find Property Survey Records?

You can find property survey records at your local county recorder's office, building inspector, engineering department or on If it’s your land, contact the settlement attorney or agency, the real estate agent, the surveyor or the title company involved in the home buying.

How to Find Property Tax Records?

Consult tax information and payments history for commercial or residential property at the county tax assessor's office or on their website - if they maintain online tax records. A quicker way is to use our lookup tool.

How Do I Search for Property Records Online?

Property deeds are often available online, on the Public Records Online Directory website or by searching your county’s name, followed by “Recorder of Deeds.” You’ll need the zip code, the owner's name or property address.

How Do I Keep My Property Ownership Private?

Just like liens and taxes, the deeds filed at the county clerk’s office are public records and you cannot keep them private unless you set up a trust or Limited Liability Company (LLC) for purchasing the property. Anyone can ascertain the ownership, the value and all conveyances in the chain of title.

How to Search Property Records by Name?

Run a quick search on the website belonging to the Tax Assessor of the county where the property is located OR on Infotracer. You can also pull up the deeds from the county recorder's office, usually the located at the county courthouse.

How to Find Property Sales Records?

As these are public documents you can consult the local recorder of deeds. Many counties maintain records with property history information online. Search for Sales Records at the local land records office where the property is located or try

How Do I Lookup a Property Owner?

1. Run a property search by address on the local county assessor’s website to get the property’s PIN (property index number). 2. Go to the county’s treasurer’s website (the Payments section), type the pin in the Payments Status box and choose Detailed Tax Information to see the owner’s name.

Are Property Records Public?

Most Property records are public. However, some states allow “protected addresses” for which property information is confidential in order to protect its owners – prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers, special magistrates, tax collectors, juvenile probation officers or other professionals with high-risk jobs.

How to Find Mortgage Records?

Access mortgage records, including amount, date, bank info, term on the local recorder of deeds’ website, or on Infotracer. Mortgage records are public, unless they involve someone who requested confidentiality, such as victims of violent crimes, child enforcement hearing officers, judges, police orpublic defenders.

Comprehensive Property Records Search