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What Does FP On A License Plate Mean?

The designation FP on a license tag stands for Fleet plate or fleet permanent. These are usually issued for vehicles owned by an organization. It could mean the vehicle is a rental, as some states provide FP plates to these cars registered in their area. Fleet plates are good for several years and do not require individual validation, so corporations do not need to follow specific vehicles across the counties or states.

Common organizations that use fleet vehicles include bus companies for transport, large hypermarkets, and law enforcement agencies. Trucking and delivery companies with dozens of vehicles typically have significant safety or accordance requirements because of their long-haul cross-country routes. They must adhere to policies that would be better implemented through fleet management.

These vehicles are normally used for work-related actions and have high mileage. They are used by several people who work as delivery personnel, but the vehicles are also well maintained to make sure they can continue moving optimally. The fleet or transport manager also utilizes software, allowing vehicles to remain connected via telematics.

Fleet Permanent Registration

Entrepreneurs can set up fleet permanent registration if the state they reside in offers the program. In New York, for example, the Department of Motor Vehicles provides a permanent fleet registration program that offers ways for the owners to sustain registration while paying the fees without tracking down each vehicle and then replacing the registration annually. The great thing about this is it simplifies the registration and renewal process.

Rather than registration renewal, individuals are notified about the monthly list. Vehicle registration credentials, though, are valid, considering the vehicle is owned by or leased to the fleet owner. However, if the registration has expired, one must pay the registration renewal fees and any state-specific penalties. Fleet maintenance programs allow the owner to improve customer service, reduce maintenance or fuel costs and eliminate theft.

Benefits Of Fleet Plate Registration

Fleet plates benefit those in the transport, commercial, and law enforcement sectors. For one, registration is paid for all vehicles simultaneously via a single payment. Considering the economies of scale, there are likely discounts for registering a certain number of vehicles.

Owners can also choose the expiration month for payment according to the company's fiscal schedule. Similarly, one registration is initially provided for a vehicle as usual, though it may not be replaced annually. A permanent tab and registration are given for every vehicle, though that is not replaced at the time of the registration renewal.

How To Get An FP License Plate

To get an FP license plate, fleet owners must follow state-specific protocols. Most states require that the applicant is a current resident. They also need a certain number of vehicles, though this also depends on the jurisdiction. States like Indiana require that the applicant own or lease 1,000 or more vehicles, while others like Arizona allow fleet registration with only two.

All vehicles have to be titled in the name of the person or entity managing the fleet. Fleet operators must also declare the application, and preferred registration expiration months for the registrations, then the Bureau of Motor Vehicles or appropriate entity will decide on the day of expiration within the expiration month.

A unique fleet number will also be issued to each approved operator. One-time identification fees are also charged for each vehicle when added to the fleet. Permanent fleet registration also includes emissions testing. If the vehicle requires testing before adding it to the fleet, it will still occur.

States That Require Fleet PlatesAlabama, Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
States That Do Not Require Fleet PlatesAlaska, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is mandatory from a legal and logistical standpoint. It saves the owner money while providing flexibility and control from one insurance policy for all the vehicles. If a driver is ill, for example, it is possible for another to take his place. Fleet insurance is also less expensive than having singular policies for every vehicle, which caters to specific business needs. In some states, the owner does not need to provide insurance during registration. These include Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington.

How To Make Fleet Plate Registration Payments

Most state platforms offer various payment methods, but these must be done in full. The fleet renewal can be done via credit card or e-checks over the phone for payments less than $2,000. Similarly, fleet owners may do it at the state motor vehicle division or appropriate office in person.

If one is assigned to a third-party provider, that individual will make the payment to the assigned organization. Should the fleet registration not be paid by the expiration date, late renewal penalty fees may accrue, depending on the state. In Arizona, it is $8 for each vehicle's first month of delinquency. There is a subsequent $4 penalty every month the owner defaults for each vehicle. There is also a charge for replacing lost fleet plates. Typically it is $5 for postage and handling.

Understanding FP Plates Can Help Ensure Your Vehicles Are Properly Plated

The F.P. abbreviation refers to Fleet Permanent or Fleet Plates. These vehicles are owned and used by commercial, transport, or law enforcement agencies typically because the organizations use several vehicles of one or similar models. Fleet plates allow the public to identify company vehicles and make it easier for businesses to register or manage them.

If an entrepreneur wants to apply for fleet plate registration, they should first confirm an operational one within their state of residence. Some states mandate fleet registration, while others do not. It is legal in the states that do not drive without FP tags. Depending on the state, though, each fleet program has its regulations and what is required for eligibility.

Typically, the vehicle titles and registrations have to be in order, though the number or type is subject to jurisdiction. At the same time, fleet plates may also be denoted differently. Make sure you look into what your state requirements are before starting a fleet.

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