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Oklahoma License Plate Lookup

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How To Lookup an Oklahoma License Plate

How To Lookup Oklahoma License Plates

Looking up license plates for free in Oklahoma is very easy. You can use one of the many public records search tools online. However, you will only see certain information like the vehicle make, model, year, color, and sometimes trim level. You won't see any information pertaining to the vehicle owner with a free search. But the state does allow certain individuals and businesses to request motor vehicle records that do contain personal details such as the owner's name, address, phone number, social security number, driver's license number, disability details, medical information, and date of birth. Oklahoma has very strict Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) laws, and you must comply or face serious penalties. When requesting records, you must use the state's form, provide your name, address, and phone number and sign a legal document confirming your right to access files.

Oklahoma License Plate Rules

Oklahoma License Plate Rules

As of 2019, Oklahoma links a license plate to the person rather than the vehicle (it used to be opposite). Therefore, you can transfer your plates from vehicle to vehicle as you buy and sell them.

When purchasing a new vehicle, you have only 30 days to register and get plates for it. After you buy it, you are allowed to drive it for five days without any license plates.

You can register your car or truck at the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) or with the local tag agent. All vehicle registrations must remain in the car or truck at all times, and they renew annually.

If you transfer your old license plates to a new car, you will receive a transfer credit and won't have to pay the full price for the registration and tag fees.

Oklahoma has an online system to process registration renewals, and it is called OkCARS:Convenient Auto-Renewal System. When using the system, you will need the VIN, your driver's license number, plate number, proof of insurance, and payment.

Oklahoma License Plates

Oklahoma License Plates

Along with the standard Oklahoma license plate, the state offers its citizens many specialty plates to choose from. You can also order personalized plates where for an extra fee, you get to choose the lettering on the plate. Some of the examples of specialty plates are:

  • Military (all branches).
  • School Related (high schools and universities).
  • Special Interest (adoption, autism, animal-friendly, balloonist, bison, etc.).
  • Civil Servants (fire, police, EMT, etc.).
  • Tribal (Chickasaw Nation).

Within each category exists many different plates to choose from. Oklahoma also has plates for motorcycles, military personnel (including veterans) disabled Americans, and license plates for vintage cars and trucks.

Does Oklahoma Have a Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)?

Does Oklahoma Have a Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)?

Oklahoma takes driver's privacy very seriously. Oklahoma's Department of Public Safety's motor vehicle record request procedure comports with the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act. When a company or individual applies to receive records, they are mandated to fill out a lengthy form with a legal promise not to misuse the information. The form is called the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Driver Data Information Request. A requester is required to affirm that they are authorized to request the records pursuant to the federal DPPA's permissible uses provision.

Oklahoma License Plate Search Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get into Trouble Looking Up License Plate Numbers in Oklahoma?

It is legal to look up basic license plate information in Oklahoma. However, they have very strict DPPA laws and do not allow many people to request motor vehicle records unless they are the vehicle owner. Violating DPPA laws in Oklahoma is a serious offense with steep fines, jail time and other penalties.

What Do I Need to Look Up an Oklahoma License Plate?

Driver Data Information Request form, you will need to supply your name, company name, address, email address, and phone number. You must also sign a long, detailed authorization request and a binding legal document attesting that you are complying with DPPA laws. You also need to supply the driver's name, gender, driver's license number, date of birth, and camera ID.

When requesting records using the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

How to Look Up an Oklahoma License Plate Using the VIN?

The Oklahoma method of looking up license plate information does not include a way to do so using the vehicle VIN. However, there are other online portals where you can look up a vehicle by its VIN. You can also use the NHTSA lookup tool or the national title registry to look up crash records, vehicle history, and recalls.

How to Find Someone from Their Oklahoma License Plate?

Due to Oklahoma's strict laws pertaining to motor vehicle records, it is not advisable to try to locate the owner of a vehicle by its license plates unless you have a valid reason. If you are an eligible party (insurance agent, towing company, business certifying a CDL license, etc.), then you do have the legal right to obtain motor vehicle records that contain personal driver details. However, just be sure to comply with all DPPA laws when searching for records.

What is a Legal Use of License Plate Information?

  • In connection with motor vehicle safety, theft, performance monitoring, emissions, and recalls.
  • Government agencies and law enforcement.
  • Legitimate business use to verify information.
  • For research purposes.
  • To use in a civil or criminal court case.
  • Insurance purposes.
  • Towing or impound lot usage.
  • Employer use.
  • Licensed private investor usage.
  • Private toll company use.
  • Surveys and marketing.

Oklahoma has some of the strictest DPPA laws in the country. They allow only very few to access and use personal information from motor vehicle records. Their request form includes a lot of legal jargon and binding promises. Some of the allowable uses for obtaining license plate information are:

How to Lookup Oklahoma License Plates for Free?

Anyone can look up an Oklahoma license plate for free online. But you will only see certain information like the vehicle make, model, year, color, and sometimes trim level. You won't see any information pertaining to the vehicle owner with a free search.