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Idaho License Plate Lookup

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How to Lookup an Idaho License Plate

How To Lookup Idaho License Plates

To look up a license plate in Idaho for free, you can use one of many online search tools. However, you can only see vehicle data like make, model, trim level, engine type, and other details like that with a free search. However, there are paid services where you can get more information, but they are subject to strict privacy laws. The state of Idaho has an online portal for government agencies, businesses, and other individuals with a valid legal purpose for searching through motor vehicle records. They require account setup and charge fees, but you can search and purchase records for anyone in the state. With a paid account, you can see the driver's license information, name, address, phone number, and more personal details about the driver.

Vehicle License Plate Regulations in Idaho

Vehicle License Plate Regulations in Idaho

Unless you are driving a motorcycle, antique car, or all-terrain vehicle, you must have two license plates on your car or truck. One needs to be attached to the front and one to the rear. Idaho's Transportation Department is the government office in charge of vehicle titles and registrations.

Idaho citizens must register their vehicles every year and can do so in person at the local county accessor motor vehicle office or online. When renewing, you must have a valid ID (Driver's License), your renewal notice, and a credit or debit card to pay the fees. The vehicle must be titled and registered in your name to renew it. You must also provide proof of insurance when registering a vehicle in Idaho.

New residents have 90 days to register a vehicle in Idaho. Registration fees range from $45-$69 depending on the weight and age of the vehicle. They may also vary by county.

Idaho License Plate Options

License Plate Options in Idaho

The state of Idaho has a few different options when it comes to choosing a license plate for your vehicle. Most plates feature dark red and blue as the main colors with other designs and icons. They have a wide variety of many different purposes that sponsor organizations or foundations. Some examples are:

  • 4H
  • Agriculture
  • Appaloosa
  • Mountain Biking
  • Capital Restoration
  • College plates for various universities
  • A few styles for veterans
  • Elk
  • Firefighters
  • National Guard
  • Lewis and Clarke
  • Medal of Honor
  • Old Timer
  • Rotary
  • Peace Officer
  • White Water Rafting
  • Troops
  • Youth

Idaho also offers disability plates for those who need them, military plates, and also personalized plates where you can choose the lettering. Special plates and personalized plates will cost extra. The Idaho Transportation Department has forms on their website to order any of the types available.

What Does the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) in Idaho Look Like?

What Does the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) in Idaho Look Like?

Idaho's Driver Privacy Protection policy (Idaho Law, I.C. § 49-202, § 49-203 and Administrative Rule No. 39.02.41,) follows the federal DPPA pretty closely, and their opening statement is: "Except as otherwise provided, the department and any officer, employee, agent or contractor thereof, shall not knowingly disclose to any person or entity personal information about any individual when such information was obtained from a motor vehicle or driver record".

Only people with proper documentation and a valid, permissible purpose can access the personal details of a motor vehicle record when looking it up via a license plate or VIN. It is not legal to look someone up to obtain their home address, phone number, or other information or to contact them after accessing those records without proper purpose. Any violation of these laws may result in big fines and even prison.

Idaho License Plate Search Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Lookup License Plate Numbers in Idaho?

It is entirely legal to lookup license plate numbers in Idaho. In fact, the state has set up a portal making it easy for authorized businesses and individuals to do so. However, they must go through an approval process and provide proper documentation as to why they need the records. Idaho protects citizens' privacy through DPPA laws.

What Information Do I Need When Requesting Records?

When requesting records, all you need is the VIN or plate number. However, when signing up for an account, you will need much more information such as your name, company, and what your purpose is for needing the records. Using this service, patrons can get more than just vehicle records but also crash reports, title searches, and more. It costs $95/year and a fee per record. The service is geared towards businesses that require a lot of records.

Can I Look Up an Idaho License Plate Using the VIN?

There is a national title registry online where you can look up a vehicle using the VIN. You will see the full crash history and any recalls. You will not see personal details, though. If you are an authorized user of the system above, you can look up records using a VIN.

Is it Safe to Locate the Owner of a License Plate in Idaho?

If you fall into the approved category, you can sign up and use the online portal to search for someone, but you must have a legal reason for doing so. If you are an individual without a legal purpose, you have to be very careful in how you use personal details from license plate records. They are subject to strict DPPA laws, and violations will result in fines and jail time.

What Legal Purpose Do I need to Lookup License Plate Information?

  • In regard to motor vehicle safety, emissions, and recalls
  • Any government agency and law enforcement agency may access them freely
  • You may get a copy of your own records at any time
  • Businesses may use them to verify the accuracy of information
  • In conduction with civil or criminal court cases
  • For research and marketing
  • Insurance companies can use this information
  • Private toll companies can use this information also
  • For any other use specifically authorized under Idaho Code, if such use is related to public safety or the operation of a motor vehicle
  • Anyone with a signed consent form can also access records

Idaho follows the federal DPPA laws quite closely. They allow only specific types of individuals or businesses to access vehicle owner information. Some of the allowable purposes are:

How Do I Lookup Idaho License Plates for Free?

It is quite easy to perform a free Idaho license plate lookup online with one of the many public records portals. However, you will only retrieve basic information on the vehicle like make, model, year, and sometimes the color.