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Arkansas License Plate Lookup

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How To Lookup an Arkansas License Plate

How To Lookup Arkansas License Plates

You can look up Arkansas license plates for free online at various public records databases, but you will only see basic information like make, model, year, trim level, and other mechanical details. The Arkansas government has a service they sell for $95/year, where you can sign up and request copies of license plate records along with crash reports, DUI incident reports, criminal records, and access to other things like the sex offender databases. When registering for an account, you must supply your name, address, driver's license number, and phone number. With a paid service, you will see much more information such as name, home address, and driver's license number for the vehicle owner. You may also see a lot of other personal details but be warned; there are strict federal and state DPPA laws dictating how you can use this information.

Arkansas License Plate Laws And Regulations

Arkansas Vehicle and License Plate Regulations

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration is the state office in charge of vehicle registrations, license plates, and other motor vehicle law-related issues. They have an online system called MyDMV to allow residents easy access to register a car, renew their driver's license, or order vanity plates. They even provide assistance for selling and buying cars.

If you move to Arkansas or buy a new car, you must register it within 30 days. To do so, you will need the following information:

  • Primary Document (Arkansas Title, Bill of Sale, Manufacturer Statement of Origin, Out of State Title)
  • Insurance Card
  • Federal Odometer Statement

You might also need:

  • Personal Property Tax Number (PPAN) assigned from your county assessor
  • Lien Contract/Security Agreement
  • Current Year County Tax Assessment
  • Proof of paid tax receipt

Some other vehicle licensing laws in Arkansas include:

When registering or renewing a vehicle, you must have paid your property taxes first and show proof of insurance on the vehicle. Arkansas has an online renewal system to process renewals, or you can do it by mail or by phone. You can also visit the State Revenue Office nearest you. You only need the VIN of your car to renew online. Vehicles must be renewed every year in the same month that they were initially registered in.

Arkansas License Plate Options

Arkansas Specialty License Plate Options

Most Arkansas drivers will order and use standard license plates on their car, truck, or motorcycle. However, Arkansas does offer special plates for things like antique cars, designs related to sports, like tennis, and sponsored styles for charities such as the Down Syndrome Association. They also have plates for universities, police, firefighters, the Sheriff's office, military plates, and even a design for the Boy/Girl Scouts of America. There is an extra $25 fee for specialty plates, and you may pay even more for vanity plates with distinct letters and messages.

There are many license plate offices where you can order specialty and vanity plates. When ordering specialty plates, you may need proper paperwork to prove you are a veteran, member of the specific society, sponsor for the foundation, and other items.

What Does the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) in Arkansas Say?

What Does the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) in Arkansas Say?

Arkansas has strict DPPA laws governing the use of private information contained in driver and license plate records. According to the Arkansas Code Title 25, "The proposal provides that state agencies may only maintain personal information when the information is relevant and necessary to accomplish an authorized purpose of the agency". Additionally, Title 27 of the Arkansas Code expressly states that "Motor vehicle registration information shall not be sold, furnished, or used for solicitation purposes".

Currently, the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle supplies thousands of files regarding license plate lookups containing personal information to companies who use the data in compliance with the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

Arkansas License Plate Lookup FAQ

Is it Legal to Lookup a License Plate Number in Arkansas?

It is legal to lookup license plate numbers in Arkansas. However, you must comply with the DPPA laws, and only specific individuals can get copies for approved purposes. In most cases, you will need a signed consent form from the owner of the vehicle because their personal information like name, home address, and even social security number may be visible on the report.

What Information Do I Need When Requesting Records?

When requesting records, you need to first sign up for an account with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Then you must supply your name, driver's license number, contact details, and the plate number for the vehicle you want to look up.

Look Up an Arkansas License Plate Using the VIN

Yes, and the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration has a link to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System on their website. You may use this system to look up vehicles and see a crash history report that may also list recalls. It can be used to look up used vehicles you are thinking of purchasing.

Can I Look Up the Owner of a License Plate in Arkansas?

Arkansas does not allow private citizens to look up the owner of a license plate in Arkansas. The best option is to contact the police if it is a hit-and-run situation or car accident. You can also contact the DMV by calling 1-501-682-4692 and asking for their help.

What is Considered a Legal Use of License Plate Information?

  • In connection with driver safety and theft.
  • Manufacturers, in regard to vehicle maintenance, emissions, performance, and recalls.
  • An owner can request their own record for any reason.
  • A government agency, court, or law enforcement group can request them in conjunction with crimes and court cases.
  • A business can request these records to verify the legitimacy of the information provided.
  • License plate records can be used for advertising and marketing purposes.
  • A tow company can use them to find the owner of an impounded vehicle.
  • Employers can get a copy with a signed consent form.
  • Licensed private investigators can also get copies.

There are many reasons why the use of license plate records may be requested and obtained. However, stringent DPPA laws restrict the use of that information for only specific purposes. Some of the allowable purposes in Arkansas would be:

How to Lookup an Arkansas License Plate for Free

You may look up an Arkansas license plate pretty easily online on various public records database websites. However, the information you will see for free will be limited to year, make & model of the vehicle.