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All About Vehicle Validation Stickers

License plate stickers help with identification and road safety and ensure public safety. It is crucial to understand the role of vehicle validation stickers and to remember that we must acquire and renew them on time. Read on to learn how to get a new sticker for your license plate and renew your license plate sticker.

Understanding Vehicle Validation Stickers

Vehicle validation stickers show that you have registered your vehicle and that you are its valid owner. Most registration license plates get vehicle validation stickers for display on rear plates, but it is only allowed if two plates are issued to the car owner. Remember that car owners receive registration validation stickers once they receive new license plates. You get a new license plate expiration sticker only after paying registration renewal fees. You must first pay sticker renewal fees to receive a validation sticker.

You will be issued new vehicle validation stickers after you renew your license plate. If you are wondering where to get a license plate sticker, visit your local DMV office. Officials recommend removing the old sticker before placing the new validation stickers. You should refrain from affixing the new sticker over the old one as it is not ideal for appearance and efficiency.

If you want to improve adhesion when placing the new validation sticker, clean and dry the license plate area where the sticker should be placed. Depending on your local government, you may place registration month and year stickers on your rear license plate. When placing the vehicle validation sticker on your rear license plate, you should know several things. They include:

  • The vehicle validation sticker must be affixed to the rear license plate, with the right side up.
  • The validation sticker must not cover numbers, letters, or other registration information.
  • All the details must be valid and free from forgery or another similar.

The Importance of Vehicle Validation Stickers

Car validation stickers are part of an essential system of cataloging every car on the road. Through these stickers, authorities can identify every vehicle and its owner. Cases of car theft are significantly reduced thanks to license plate stickers. Legally, every vehicle must be registered with the state's DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). A vehicle not registered with the state's DMV should not be on the road at all. Failure to register your car could result in your vehicle being impounded. You also risk fines for failing to register your car or not keeping your registration information current.

You will need a new vehicle registration whenever you buy or lease a new car. Such a policy helps prevent cases of theft and fraud. You can easily register your car at the local DMV office. Remember to renew the license plate sticker before it expires.

How To Get a New Sticker for License Plate

If you are looking for a validation sticker for your license plate, there are several steps you need to follow. Placing a replacement sticker for a license plate is straightforward. You don't need expert knowledge to get it done. While applying for license plate stickers is easy, there are a few essential details to remember.

It is essential to note that car registrations expire. After your car registration expires, you must renew your license plate sticker. When you get a new validation sticker, you must place it on the license plate in the designated area. While removing the old stickers is not mandatory, some find it easier to remove the old stickers first.

How Much Do Vehicle Validation Stickers Cost?

StateCost of Sticker ($)
District of Columbia10
New Hampshire9
New Jersey10
New Mexico20
New York15
North Carolina10
North Dakota20
Rhode Island8.50
South Carolina10.50
South Dakota7
West Virginia15

How To Remove a Vehicle Validation Sticker

Vehicle validation stickers are designed to stay in place for many years. Validation stickers remain firmly in position, and removing them can be tricky. Given the nature of validation stickers, you will need some elbow grease to remove them. You must be careful when removing these stickers because any wrong move could damage your license plate or windshield. Follow the following steps to remove the license plate from the sticker:

  • Start by warming the sticker with a heat gun at low temperatures. You can use a hair dryer or park your vehicle in the sun if you do not happen to have a heat gun handy. The heat will help loosen and soften the adhesive, making it easier to remove.
  • Once the adhesive is loose, start by freeing a corner of the sticker. If you can't remove the corner tip with your fingers, use a plastic putty knife or razor blade to scrape it loose, as it will make it easy to pull off.
  • As you rip off the sticker with one hand, use the other to separate it from the surface. Doing so will help prevent sticker parts from remaining on the surface. As the sticker gets loose, fold it over itself for easier disposal.

Vehicle validation stickers are vital for many reasons. They help identify your vehicle and enhance public safety. Always ensure your vehicle validation sticker is updated and in the correct spot per state laws. Never forget to update your sticker before it expires, either, as that can lead to financial penalties or even trouble with the law.

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