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50 State License Plates Designs, Colors in the US

American license plates follow a unique design, unlike those of other countries. The styling is unique for each state considering vehicle registration is done at this level rather than federal. Designs are based on the state's favored themes, historical figures, or present landmarks. For example, license plates from the Midwest often have a rural style, while mountainous states like Colorado illustrate the mountains that they are so well known for, like the Rockies.


Being a conservative state with a significant Christian population, most Alabama plates have the 'God Bless America' emblem. 'Heart of Dixie' is also a common moniker on the state's license plates. It may have a river with green hills along with a golden sky.


Alaskan plats are yellow, with the state flag taking a central position between sets of numbers. Stars on the flag illustrate the Big Dipper constellation and Polaris, the North Star. The 'Last Frontier' emblem is also etched at the bottom of the plate.


The official license plate has a light blue sky, a dusky middle, and a purple desert landscape at the bottom. 'Grand Canyon State' is illustrated at the bottom right.


Most Arkansas plates have the diamond graphic in the middle between the sets of numbers. Its nickname, 'the Natural State', is at the bottom.


California plates typically have a white background with the numbers in blue and the state name in red.


The Colorado plates have a white background, while the numbers are black. It has a mountainous design embossed at the top in line with the Rockies' terrain. The name of the state is illustrated at the bottom.


The 'Constitution State' nickname is set at the bottom of the state, while the state name is at the top. It has a white background, while all numbers and letters are blue.


Delaware plates have a black background with colonial-style beige characters. 'The First State' is at the top, while its state name is at the bottom.

District of Columbia

The 'Taxation without representation' writing on the white background references the fact that the district does not have any congressional representatives.


The Sunshine State is at the bottom of the plate. Orange fruits and flowers are adorned in the middle between the numbers.


A peach fruit is set behind or in the middle of the number set on a white background. Some plates also have an outline of the state within the peach.


Hawaii plates have a rainbow and white background. 'Aloha State' is jotted at the bottom.


'Scenic Idaho' is written on top. The plates combine woodland, mountains, and sky on a light blue background, though the top is deep red.


Illinois changed its design to a clunkier styling which includes the Chicago Willis Tower, the Capitol building, and half of Abraham Lincoln's face. The background is white and light blue, while the numbering is dark red.


The background has a red, white, and blue flag theme. There are common monikers like 'The Crossroads of America' or 'In God We Trust'.


Iowa plates specify the state and the county of residence at the bottom. The characters are dark blue, while the background is white with some farmhouse etchings.


Standard license plates have a light blue and white background. It may have half the state seal and the “Ad astra per aspera” motto. This translates 'to the stars through hardships'.


A drawing of the state is illustrated between the numbers. There is also a spot for the county of residence at the bottom.


The plate has a white background and blue numbering, though the state name is in red. It is also inscribed with 'Sportsman's Paradise', one of the state's nicknames.


Maine's standard issue plate has a black-capped chickadee and pine comb. It has a white background and black numbers. 'Vacationland' is written on the bottom.


The state flag is set to the right of the plate. Red, white, and blue are the main themes.


Massachusetts license plates feature a patriotic color scheme of a white background with red numbering. The state's motto, 'the Spirit of America', is illustrated at the bottom.


Michigan's plate has a white background with a green sky. The plate shows features like the Great Lakes and Mackinac Bridge.


It features a white background and black numbering. The state graphic is between the lettering, and '10,000 lakes' is indicated at the bottom of the plate.


Mississippi plates have a white and blue theme. The background is white, while the numbering is dark blue. Some have the Biloxi Lighthouse license plate, which is a tribute to the wake of Hurricane Katrina.


Plates from the state illustrate the state bird and flower. They have a whitish-blue background, and the lettering is dark blue.


Montana license plates, such as the Yellowstone National Park backdrop, may have an environmental theme. Some also have a state map outline surrounding the lettering and the nickname, 'Big Sky Country.'


These plates have warm tones with a white background as well as the gold-colored state bird and flower. That is the western meadowlark and goldenrod.


The license plate has a sky-blue theme with a golden sunset top. The lettering is dark blue, and 'the Silver State' nickname is illustrated at the bottom.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire's license plates have a dull white background and bold green lettering. The state motto, 'Live Free or Die', is at the top.

New Jersey

The plates feature a dull wallpaper yellow background with black numbering. Its state nickname, 'The Garden State', is illustrated at the bottom.

New Mexico

These plates have a unique green, yellow, and red theme combination. 'Land of enchantment' is set in green at the bottom while the numbers are red.

New York

New York's orange color plates are made to signify the 'Empire State' nickname. The numbering is in black bold.

North Carolina

The plates have a white background and blue numbering. 'First in Freedom' is illustrated at the top in consideration of the 18th-century declarations which predate that of Independence.

North Dakota

North Dakota plate designs vary from light to dark themes. The numbering is black, while the name and 'Peace Garden state' nickname are at the bottom.


Ohio's current plate has a white background and blue lettering. It may have a red top and no images.


The plate has a white and blue background with red lettering. It also has the scissor-tailed flycatcher, which is the state bird.


These plates usually have a tree theme illustrating Douglass Firs against a mountain background.


The license plates have a keystone-shaped emblem in recognition of the state nickname. It has a white background and blue lettering.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island plates are straightforward, with white backgrounds and bold blue lettering. The 'Ocean State' moniker is at the bottom.

South Carolina

These plates have a sunrise theme considering the bright orange to blue hue background. The sabal palmetto, the state tree, is also depicted in the middle.

South Dakota

South Dakota plates have the Mount Rushmore background and the 'Great Faces, Great Places' moniker at the bottom.


The plates have a white and green background, with the driver's county name at the bottom.


Texas plates have a patriotic red, white and blue theme with black lettering. The state graphic is in the middle.


Utah plates have a ski-themed background and brown top. There is a 'The Greatest Snow on Earth' moniker at the bottom.


The plates are leafy green with white lettering. 'Green Mountain State' is illustrated at the bottom.


Virginia plates have a white background and blue lettering.


Washington license plates have a Mount Rainier-themed background. The lettering is deep blue, and it's Evergreen state' nickname is at the bottom.

West Virginia

These plates have a blue and gold color code. The 'wild, wonderful' nickname is at the bottom.


Wisconsin plates feature farm-themed symbols like a barn and a field. The background is white with black lettering.


Wyoming license plates may have blue-white themes and a green bottom. The lettering is black, and most have a bucking rider image in the middle.

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