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Instant Reverse License Plate Lookup

License Plate Records

License Plate Records

License plates records refer to the information widely available across public databases regarding a vehicle's license plate number. This allows anyone to verify and identify a vehicle and access its owner's publicly available contact details. Other details associated with the plate can also show up, such as the address of the car's owner, vehicle history and vehicle information.

License Plate Owner Information

License Plate Owner Information

A simple search license plate owner on InfoTracer could reveal the owner's name, owner's contact info, traffic court records, criminal driving violations, arrest records, vehicle identification number, vehicle title information, and much more.

Traffic Court Records

Traffic Court Records

Traffic court records provide information on a person's driving history, including traffic accidents, traffic law violations, driver's license suspensions or cancellations, fines and convictions.

Criminal Driving Violation

Criminal Driving Violation

A criminal driving record reveals all the traffic offenses where someone was found guilty, traffic tickets for speeding or aggressive driving, traffic camera offenses, criminal driving violations, DUIs & DWIs, suspensions, revocations and more.

License Plate Records Report

What Else Can You Find with a Reverse License Plate Search?

Arrest Records

Arrest records are a big part of someone's criminal past. Extracted from thousands of police department databases, anything from DUI arrest records to DWI offenses, they expose basic facts including prior arrests, the type and nature of the offense, pending litigations or other convictions, court records and mugshots.

Vehicle History Report

This section of your license plate lookup report will feature vehicle identification number, vehicle title information, salvage records, vehicle registration records, previous accidents, title history and more!

Vehicle Documentation

A vehicle identification number could lead to further details about a car, such as lien records, sale records, vehicle specifications, documents with specific vehicle information (model, engine capacity), expired registrations and even vehicle registration records.

Common Questions About License Plate Records

Is all of the information available in a license plate record report covered under the DPPA?

Yes, the information provided under an initial license plate record search is covered under the DPPA. However, you can use the license plate record search to identify a specific driver. Once the driver’s identity is known, you can use other search features available via to conduct searches on that individual. These searches are conducted from public resources and result in different reports.

How To Lookup A License Plate?

All you need to perform a license plate lookup is the license plate number and the state. Findings will help you identify basic information about the vehicle, such as make, model, year, type of engine, mileage, registration status, and more. A good starting point is the search tool.

How Do I Search for a License Plate Owner?

You can start a search on, yet keep in mind that according to the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) of 1994, the state Departments of Motor Vehicles cannot disclose personal information of vehicle owners except acceptable uses, such as arbitration proceedings, matters of car theft and diver’s safety, research, insurance, employment, and other authorized purposes. Therefore, make sure your reason qualifies.

Can I Find Car Information by Conducting a License Plate Number Lookup?

Get access to key information about a car, such as make, model, year, color, engine type and other vehicle details for free, on Just enter the plate number and the registration state in our Plate Lookup tool for an insightful online scan.

Can You Lookup Who Owns A Car By License Plate?

The Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) restricts the public access to a vehicle owner’s names, address or phone number. Only “authorized recipients” (licensed security services, government agencies, insurance companies, etc.) have lawful right to obtain this info and only for permissible purposes (court proceedings, notice to owners of towed vehicles, employment, surveys, etc.).

Are License Plates Public Record?

In the light of the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) basic vehicle details such as make, model, year are a public record, except any personal information about car ownership (name, address, phone number). For full data access, you need legal authorization or written consent from the owner.

What Does A License Plate Tell You?

License plate numbers (a AAA-001 general format) can indicate the car registration’ expiration date (for instance in Massachusetts, 1234 AB expires in April) or the county of registration (either the full name in Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Iowa and Tennessee, or a one- or two-digit code in Alabama, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming).Drivers from Georgia can substitute the county name with "In God We Trust," while Florida allows either "Sunshine State" or "In God We Trust" instead.

Reverse License Plate Search
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