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What Does a Reverse Phone Search Report Include?

Full Contact Info

Full Contact Info

Uncover complete contact information including full name and physical locations and addresses associated with the phone number, all related other phone numbers and email addresses, any relatives and associates of the number's owner, current details, and much more.

Public Records

Public Records

Find out about any posted public records related to the phone's owner such as criminal records, police reports, lawsuits, legal judgement and complaints, court records, marriages and divorces history, driving records and violations, personal and business assets, and much more.

Text Messages

Text Messages

Look up who your friend, partner, or signicant other had been texting with, and get all their details, including contact information and phone activity, with complete report about the phone owner's identity and associated records, as well as any their relatives and other contacts, and more.

Social & Web Accounts

Social & Web Accounts

Reveal details of all social media accounts of the phone number's owner, including chat rooms and discussion groups, blogs, video accounts, dating accounts and any related user activity, all opened web and other social media user profiles and accounts, and much more.

Online Activity

Online Activity

Discover full online activities of the phone number's owner, such as any related web accounts and posted owner's records, listed and unlisted web registrations and memberships, all instances of that phone number being used in any trackable internet activity and history, and more.

Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos

View all images and videos related to the phone number and it's owner, including any social media photos, user uploaded or shared videos, published or cached files and screenshots, user profile pictures, posted image search history and related web content, and much more.

Phone Records Report

What Else You Can Find in the Reverse Phone Lookup Report?

Deep Web Search

In addition to our comprehensive reverse phone search report you also receive our enhanced deep web search results that uncover any hidden social network accounts, websites, forum posts, blogs, images, videos and other hard-to-find and unindexed content about your person of interest.

Marriage & Divorce Records

Find out about every detail with the addition of marriage and divorce records, and get access to all the essential information such as the dates and location, a spouse name, bride’s maiden name, residence, the names of the bride and grooms' parents, divorce case details and many more.

Personal & Business Assets

Uncover all personal and business assets of the phone number's owner in seconds. View complete details about what type of property and other finacial assets are associated with the owner, and check out all descriptions and images of what the owner of the phone number actually possesses.

Relatives & Associates

Reveal complete information and details about the phone number's owner by finding out who all of their friends, relatives, and business associates are, with their identities and contact information included in our reports, when available, as well as many other records and personal details.

Common Questions About Phone Records

Is There A Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

On websites like White Pages and Infotracer you can access reverse phone lookup tools completely free. They’re linked to massive databases of phone carries, VoIP, prepaid & unlisted data banks with millions of phone numbers, including cell, landline, residential & business.

What Is a Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a type of online search that runs a phone number against many vast online databases, allowing anyone to detect the person or business associated with it. It’s as easy as typing the digits in a search box and hitting Enter.

How Do I Conduct a Reverse Search for a Phone Number?

Just go to any online reverse number lookup service - for instance, Infotracer–and within seconds, a digital report about the caller’s identity, social profiles and address is generated, with further details grouped under multiple sections.

How Do I Conduct a Phone Number Lookup for Free?

To reveal who’s behind unknown calls, go to and enter the phone number to access the basic contact information linked to it:name, current address,alternative phone numbers, email, carrier information and more!

How Does a Phone Lookup Work?

Using a reverse phone number service is the easiest way to put a name to a number. You just need the area code and the digits to get a list of results, containing anything from the full name, address, and other public records or data linked to whoever has that number.

How Can I Find Out Whom A Phone Number Belongs To?

When someone registers a new number, this information is enlisted with the telecom companies and becomes available to the general public. A reverse phone lookup is the best way to discover unknown callers, spammers, scammers and telemarketers.

Reverse Phone Search
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