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Instant Reverse Phone Number Search

Phone Number Records

Phone Number Records

Phone number records reveal a caller's identity based on their phone number. If you want to find out who called you, their name, address, gender, age, carrier, simply use the reverse phone records lookup tool.

Background Check by Phone Number

Background Check by Phone Number

For deeper investigations related to a phone number's owner, InfoTracer's reverse phone lookup tool can deliver a prompt, comprehensive report that can be further linked with a personal background lookup or address lookup by phone number.

Spam Phone Calls

Spam Phone Calls

Scam calls are unwanted calls that invade someone's privacy. They're frustrating, annoying and they can be a fraud waiting to happen. A search with InfoTracer's reverse phone lookup tool and you instantly find out who is behind any suspicious call or unknown number. Our advanced scam number lookup identifies potential spam calls, keeps you informed and updated on who is contacting you.

Phone Records Report

What Else You Can Find in a Reverse Phone Report?

Deep Web Search

An enhanced web search uncovers hidden social network accounts, websites, forum posts, blogs, images, videos and other hard-to-find content about your person of interest.

Marriage & Divorce Records

Within the marriage and divorce records, you can get access to essential information such as the dates and location, a spouse name, bride's maiden name, residence, the names of the bride and grooms' parents, divorce case details and many more.

Criminal Convictions

The Criminal Conviction section of your report will disclose someone's criminal past based on their personal criminal history records. A conviction is a verdict that results when a court of law finds a defendant guilty of a crime, which can be a felony or a misdemeanor. A felony is a misconduct of high seriousness committed by a felon, punishable by more than one year in prison. A misdemeanor is not as serious, its imprisonment being under one year.

Court Documents

The Court Documents online section of your report collects key information from records kept by Municipal, County, State, and Federal courthouses. It then reveals data regarding bankruptcy filings, family court cases, court cases, personal injury cases and much more.

Common Questions About Phone Records

Is There A Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

On websites like White Pages and Infotracer you can access reverse phone lookup tools completely free. They’re linked to massive databases of phone carries, VoIP, prepaid & unlisted data banks with millions of phone numbers, including cell, landline, residential & business.

What Is a Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a type of online search that runs a phone number against many vast online databases, allowing anyone to detect the person or business associated with it. It’s as easy as typing the digits in a search box and hitting Enter.

How Do I Conduct a Reverse Search for a Phone Number?

Just go to any online reverse number lookup service - for instance, Infotracer–and within seconds, a digital report about the caller’s identity, social profiles and address is generated, with further details grouped under multiple sections.

How Do I Conduct a Phone Number Lookup for Free?

To reveal who’s behind unknown calls, go to and enter the phone number to access the basic contact information linked to it:name, current address,alternative phone numbers, email, carrier information and more!

How Does a Phone Lookup Work?

Using a reverse phone number service is the easiest way to put a name to a number. You just need the area code and the digits to get a list of results, containing anything from the full name, address, and other public records or data linked to whoever has that number.

How Can I Find Out Whom A Phone Number Belongs To?

When someone registers a new number, this information is enlisted with the telecom companies and becomes available to the general public. A reverse phone lookup is the best way to discover unknown callers, spammers, scammers and telemarketers.

Reverse Phone Search