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A mugshot is a two-part photographic portrait that serves as a time-stamped visual record of a suspect's appearance from the waist up, at a specific moment in time (in general immediately after the arrest took place). It includes both a frontal and profile photo of the offender.

Arrest Mugshots

Arrest Mugshots

As soon as the police arrest someone, the booking process starts. It includes fingerprints and mugshots. By providing a clear facial image of an individual, mugshots allow law enforcement agencies, witnesses and victims to identify alleged criminals instantly.

Jail Mugshots

Jail Mugshots

Jail mugshots feature people who face misdemeanor charges for crimes carrying penalties of up to one year in a state prison related to offences like simple assault, vandalism, traffic violations, reckless driving, trespassing, prostitution, petty theft or first-time possession of drugs.

Criminal Mugshots

Criminal Mugshots

Police mugshots are taken immediately after the suspect is arrested, to record their appearance at the time of the alleged crime. Criminal mugshots are taken when someone is actually found guilty – charged with a crime for which they will be serving a prison sentence.

Mugshot History

Mugshot History

Before 1850, police relied only on written descriptions of suspects, which was often unclear. As soon as photography appeared on the scene, it became the main medium for accurate visual identification of alleged suspects. Mugshots were also part of the famously mass-printed “Wanted” posters.

Mugshot Lookup

What Else Can You Find in a Mugshot Report?

Arrest Details

A mugshot report spans three main sections: “Profile Information,” “Booking Details” and “Arrest Details.” It features a wealth of personal data, including date of birth, sex, booking details, agency and location, bail information, charges filed, mugshots, arrest date and much more.

Booking Details

Rely on a mugshot report when you're looking for an offender's booking location, arresting agency, bail and bond details, the charges filed against them, photographs as well as any other information recorded and made available by the law enforcement agencies in their case file.

Common Questions About Mugshots

How to Lookup Mugshots

You can start searching for someone's mugshots by simply providing their first name, last name and their state, followed by pressing the “Search Now” button. Within seconds, all the mugshot-related data linked to your person of interest will show up on your screen.

What You Can Find in a Mugshot Search Report?

A mugshot search report will cover a wide range of information that is extracted through a criminal record search. Typically, it will disclose an individual's personal profile, their criminal past, including arrests and criminal charges, previous incarcerations, felonies, and misdemeanors.

Are Mugshots Public Information?

For public safety reasons, mugshots are part of the criminal records registry, which covers all crimes committed in the U.S. Private individuals who wish to protect themselves and their loved ones can access this information through dedicated databases such as InfoTracer.

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Always Updated

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