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What Does a Marriage Records Report Include?

With marriage records considered public information in most US states, the following family data can be found with a simple search by name (as long as it doesn't interfere with the US public record laws): marriage date, location, full names of the bride and groom, and more (when available).

Marriage Records

Get to retrieve more details of anyone’s family members, relatives, and other public records like professional licenses, permits, court records, or any incidental information related to their civil or marital status.

Bride & Groom Records

Marriage records are the primary resources for bride and groom information, including names, gender, age, date, and location of previous marriages, previous spouses, bride’s maiden name, and more.

Vital Records

Besides the date of marriage, place of marriage, county, and state of filing, filing number, further vital records (consisting also of divorce records, birth records, and death records) could be displayed in a marriage records report, such as the age of both bride and groom, information about their relatives and family, or household data.

Assets Information

For an even wider picture, it’s possible to dig deeper and extend a search into someone's marital assets to know the properties they owned before and during a marriage - from cars, real estate, aircraft or boats to reported annual income, artifacts, or similar financial investments.

What are Marriage Records?

The first historic evidence of marriage dates from 2350 B.C., in Mesopotamia. With the primary purpose of binding women to men, the earliest marriage records ever registered date from 16th century England and they contain basic entries similar to "David Smith married his wife". After 1754, when by law, citizens had to marry in a licensed parish church, pre-printed marriage registers were adopted. Records had to have the following structure:

  • Name and Parish of the Bride and Groom
  • Signatures of both Bride and Groom
  • Signatures of two witnesses
  • Signature of Clergyman performing the ceremony

The first marriage certificates were issued in England, in 1837. Nowadays, when a couple gets married, they must return their signed marriage license to the city hall. Once the clerk files it, the union is official and a marriage record is created.

The difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate is that a license is a piece of paper that authorizes people to get married, while a certificate is an official document that proves that a couple got married.

In the United States, marriage records are vital records held by The Department of Public Health in every state. They can be consulted by anyone, in person, or with a simple online search marriage records tool.

With every marriage records lookup (by either spouse’s name) conducted via, the list of matching results contains general identifying information about the parties involved, and further links to other family members, or relatives (if any such data is found).

Public marriage records usually conceal sensitive personal information such as the couple’s dates of birth, or current residences. For complete access to all records or certified copies, the interested person must be a legal representative of either married partners or their name must appear on the record. Such services would generally be provided by official or government sources.

Common Questions About Marriage Records

How To Find Marriage Records?

Marriage records are public information typically handled and made accessible at the local county clerk's office where the legalized union took place. Most states also often have a department of health where older vital records are available. Online, you can check the registrar or court's database on their website as well as

How To Check Marriage Records For Free?

Anyone can access marriage information at no cost on the public records' databases offered by the county and state where the marriage certificate was filed. A quicker way is through lookup tool, where you can easily search marriage records by name, city, and state.

How To Find Marriage License Records Online?

Search marriage licenses on the websites belonging to Bureau of Vital Statistics, Vital Records or Department of Health. You'll need at least the groom's or bride's name and the county/state where the marriage was legalized. In some states, like Virginia, for instance, vital data becomes “public” only after 25 years from the event registration.

How To Find Old Marriage Records?

Although the years vary from one state to another, in general, marital records that have become public before 1900 are available at the State Archives. For marriage certificates issued within the past 100 years, search the website of State Office of Vital Records.

How To Find Someone's Marriage Records?

Track someone's marriage records by looking up the public information indexes made available by the state and county where the marriage certificate was filed. For copies of marriage licenses, try the county clerk or circuit clerk from where the event occurred or the Vital Records Office.

Instant Marriage Records Search

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