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Comprehensive & Instant Lien Record Lookup

Lien Records

Lien Records

Liens are a common way for creditors to take and hold possession of property belonging to a debtor until the debt is paid. A lien title indicates that a creditor has the right to possess a debtor's property (for instance a vehicle as collateral) to collect what they are owed.

Federal Tax Liens

Federal Tax Liens

The government imposes federal tax liens for unpaid tax debts with the IRS, including property tax, income tax, and estate taxes. By attaching tax liens to a taxpayer's properties, the county government claims the right to secure the payment of outstanding tax obligations.

Property Tax Liens

Property Tax Liens

A judgment lien arises when a court grants a creditor an interest in a debtor's property following a judicial verdict to secure a payment claim for an unpaid debt. A property lien search finds a property's history and all its relevant interests, liens or encumbrances.

State Tax Liens

State Tax Liens

The defendant voluntarily agrees to consent liens rather than the court having to enforce them. They arise when someone is sued for a debt they haven't paid back. The property involved secures the buyer's obligation to pay. Common examples include mortgages or security interests.

Mechanic's Lien

Mechanic's Lien

Mechanic's or contractor's liens arise when a mechanic works on a property without being paid. If the owner tries to sell the property, the lien acts like a security interest and gives the mechanic the right to claim from the proceeds, the amount they are owed for the unpaid work he or she completed.

Lien Records Report

What Else You Can Find in a Lien Record Report?

Legal Judgment Records

The report will feature all judgment liens placed against properties to secure the payment of various claims. Examples would be if someone is sued for damages caused by negligent driving and the insurance doesn't cover the judgment, or if someone has any unpaid debts.

Bankruptcy Filings

Each bankruptcy filing section of our report will break down the main case information into sections that include the case number, date filed, bankruptcy court, state, the bankruptcy type filed, the case disposition, assets, debts, liabilities, and other relevant details.

Criminal Records

Explore the criminal records report section if you are interested in easy-to-read driving records, criminal fraud, charges of embezzlement, arrests history, criminal driving offenses, DUI & DWI, misdemeanors, felonies, convictions, incarcerations and much more.

Court Documents

Court documents are court case details filed for every specific criminal or civil case, including bankruptcy and liens. Online is the best way to search court records, warrants, eviction notes, citations or contract disputes that involve a specific person of interest or property.


Common Questions About Lien Records

How To Do A Lien Search?

You can perform a lien search online, via or through the county recorder, clerk, or assessor's office website. You’ll need the address of the property or the owner’s name. Another option would be to contact the title company.

What Is A Lien Search?

A lien search refers to identifying any legal notice attached to a property due to unpaid financial obligations (unpaid tax bills or home expansion invoices known as a mechanic’s lien).Liens are usually public records that help creditors collect what they’re owed.

How To Do A Lien Search On A Property?

Since liens must be publicly recorded with state and local offices, inquire about property liens with your county clerk or Recorder of Deeds office. In addition, most states have a Department of Revenue, which offers a Lien Search System.

What Is Included In A Municipal Lien Search?

A municipal lien search tracks unrecorded property issues uncovered by a conventional title search. It includes code violations, unpaid utility bills, property taxes, special assessments, open or expired permits associated with any commercial or residential real estate.

How Do You Find Out If A Vehicle Has A Lien On It?

The easiest way is online. Go to either or your state’s DMV website, input the VIN number of the vehicle and request an online title report. Within seconds, the lookup tools will search through millions of public records and pull up the title and the lien information on record.

Search Lien Records