5 Kick-Ass Tips to Beat a Speeding Ticket Like a Pro!

speeding ticket
By Ben Hartwig
22 September, 2018

You know you do it, we all do it from time to time. Whether you are racing to that meeting, you’re already late for or just daydreaming while your foot turns to lead on the gas pedal. Speeding is a common thing, but if you play it cool, you don’t have to get slammed with a ticket or hefty fines.

Stay Cool and Play Nice Guy

As soon as you see the blue lights flashing, take a couple of deep breaths and relax. You don’t want to seem agitated or get into an argument. Set your mind straight; don’t be a jerk, you need to make the officer like you. Don’t be belligerent or you’re likely to end up in more trouble. Remember officers are people too and you need to appeal to their sense of humanity. Be respectful and answer with “yes officer” and “no officer.”

Put the Officer at Ease

Place your hands on the steering wheel; turn off the engine and lights. This will put the officer at ease; you are already following the proper protocol. Do not get out of the vehicle. You want the police officer to feel completely safe.

Be polite and as friendly as possible; don’t argue with anything the officer says. Sometimes this alone will appease the officer, and they will let you off with a warning.

Do not admit to speeding. Act scared and stupid as if you didn’t know what the speed limit was. Your obvious distress might tug at the heartstrings of the cop, and they might just let you go with a slap on the hand.

dealing with police

Know Your Rights

In many states, you have the right to see the radar. Even if the radar shows you were speeding, you can politely ask a few questions like “when was the last time your radar gun was calibrated?” You may also inquire as to where the officer was positioned when they caught you and if they were moving as well. Make sure you don’t sound accusatory but just inquisitive.

If the officer refuses to let you see the radar, don’t argue, save it for the courtroom.

After you have gone over all the details, appeal to the officer for mercy. Often this will work, and they won’t write you a ticket.

Leave on a friendly note even if you do get a ticket and address it later.

After You Have the Ticket

Ok, so you got nabbed. There is still a lot you can do to avoid having it stick or paying the ticket. First, call the officer at work and ask if you can meet to discuss the matter. Typically, they will agree to meet.

pulled over by police

When you meet with them, have a logical, plausible story (not an excuse) and do not just plead for mercy but respectfully plead your case and ask for them to reconsider. If you can bridge the gap between officer and civilian with a story that resonates with them, they might just release you from the ticket. It’s always better to avoid having any driving records.

Appeal to the Judge or Officer With a Letter

Even if you do meet with the officer and you are not successful, don’t give up. Write them a nice letter as soon as possible once again explaining the situation and asking for mercy. Do not use accusatory or belligerent language. Once the officer sees what a big deal this is to you, they are more likely to sympathize and often will drop the case.

If you get nowhere with the officer, then appeal to the judge instead. There is no harm in taking it to the top. Keep in mind, although in positions of authority these are just people and try to appeal to them like you would a friend. Try to delay the court case as long as possible, even months if you can. The longer you wait, the less precise the details will be in the officer’s mind.

If you play your cards right, be respectful and put on a good, innocent act you can often get out of speeding tickets easily. If not, then save your charm for the courtroom.


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