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Wyoming Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Wyoming has a few different types of facilities to serve youth offenders. Confinement is a last resort for the courts. For out-of-the-home confinement, the state uses group homes, residential treatment centers (RTC), and in-state psychiatric residential treatment facilities (PRTF). They also have two state-run juvenile detention centers.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services, Juvenile Services Division (JSD), is the government agency in charge of all youth offenders, facilities, and Wyoming juvenile inmate records. It is not possible to perform a Wyoming juvenile detention center inmate search online because juvenile records are kept private until the inmate is 18 years old. Instead, it is best to contact the facility directly or the JSD.

Group Homes

There are twenty-two group homes serving youth offenders in Wyoming. They provide supervision and programs for low-risk youth.

Residential Treatment Centers

Residential treatment centers are similar to group homes but house more youth offenders and offer more structured programs and therapies.

In-State Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities

These facilities are for youth offenders with serious mental health issues or behavioral problems.

State-Run Juvenile Detention Centers

These state-run juvenile detention centers supply secure confinement for severe offenders who require structure and 24/7 supervision.

"The Wyoming Boys’ School is a secure facility providing adjudicated delinquent males ages 12–21 years with opportunities to make changes in their lives. Staff members provide supportive services focusing on psychological/emotional stability, educational and physical development, and mental health therapies. Programs are specifically designed for youth to learn socially responsible values and life skills, restructure their critical thinking, and prepare for a successful transition back to their families and communities.”

"The Wyoming Girls’ School is a therapeutic and educational facility for the treatment of court-ordered delinquent girls ages 12–21 years. Staff members provide gender-specific support services focusing on mental health and substance abuse treatment, educational, and life skills development. The program teaches youth to take personal accountability for their actions and develop socially responsible values in preparation for a successful transition back to their family and community.”

Facts and Statistics

There are only about 180 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Wyoming. Roughly 89% have issues with drugs and alcohol and 89% a mental illness. The most common reasons someone is sent to juvenile detention is stealing (larceny-theft) or property crimes. Youth offenders also commit a lot of drug crimes which land them here as well.

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