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Wisconsin Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Wisconsin has two types of juvenile detention center facilities in the state. First, they have Type I secure facilities to hold high-risk inmates who have been sentenced by the courts to confinement. Then they have field offices throughout the state for kids who require less supervision and more community-based resources and programs to get back on track. These programs are for lower-risk youth offenders.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Corrections, is the government agency in charge of all youth offender facilities, inmates, and Wisconsin juvenile inmate records. Because juvenile records are kept private until the youth offender turns 18, it is not possible to go online and perform a Wisconsin juvenile detention center inmate search.

The Division of Juvenile Corrections describes itself as: “The Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC) works to reduce delinquent behavior and promote safety for victims and the community. The mission of DJC is to promote a juvenile justice system that balances the protection of the community, youth accountability, and competency building for responsible and productive community living.”

Along with supervision, these facilities offer kids, education, counseling, help with addictions and mental health issues, and family therapies.

Type I Secure Detention Facilities

Type I secure juvenile detention centers are locked, and fenced facilities designed to confine youth offenders. There are three juvenile detention centers in Wisconsin, and they are:

  • Lincoln Hills School for Boys.
  • Copper Lake School for Girls.
  • Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center.

Each facility has different levels of custody (ranging from minimum security to maximum security) and a specific number of beds.

Type 2 Community-Based Offices

There are two regional Type 2 community facilities and dozens of field offices throughout the state. They call these an “institution without walls.” Although the youth offenders remain free, they must report to these facilities for regular treatment and evaluation. They also provide up to three months of follow-up for youth offenders who have been released from Type I facilities.

Facts and Statistics

There are only about 162 youth offenders in juvenile detention in the state of Wisconsin. The majority reside in the Lincoln Hills School for Boys. About 46 of them are serious violent juvenile offenders. Only.09% are female, and the rest are males. The state has a list of serious felony offenses they use to classify a youth offender and place them in juvenile detention facilities.

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