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Washington State Prisons and Facilities

Washington state has two types of correctional facilities to hold felons who have broken state laws. First, there are twelve state prisons in Washington. Then they also have twelve work-release facilities for low-risk inmates who are willing to work in the community. Each prison has varying degrees of custody, ranging from minimum security to maximum security.

The Washington State Department of Corrections is the government entity in charge of all correctional facilities, supervising inmates and creating, storing, and updating all Washington state prison inmate records. They make it easy for anyone to perform a Washington state prison inmate search using the offender locator feature on their websites.

The twelve state prisons in Washington include:

  • Airway Heights Corrections Center (AHCC).
  • Cedar Creek Corrections Center (CCCC).
  • Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC).
  • Coyote Ridge Corrections Center (CRCC).
  • Larch Corrections Center (LCC).
  • Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women (MCCCW).
  • Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC).
  • Olympic Corrections Center (OCC).
  • Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC).
  • Washington Corrections Center (WCC).
  • Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW).
  • Washington State Penitentiary (WSP).

The work-release facilities include:

  • Ahtanum View.
  • Bellingham.
  • Bishop Lewis.
  • Brownstone.
  • Eleanor Chase House.
  • Helen B. Ratcliff.
  • Longview.
  • Olympia.
  • Peninsula.
  • Progress House.
  • Reynolds.
  • Tri-Cities.

Along with supervision and confinement, these prisons and work-release facilities offer inmates education (including degree programs), family and relationships programs, therapy and counseling, religious studies along with spiritual and cultural programs. Additionally, inmates are allowed recreation, visitation, phone calls, mail service, and a library.

The Washington State Department of Corrections’ mission is to “preserve public safety.” Their vision is “working together for safe communities.” They honor this mission and vision through their guiding principles of:

  • Staff as our greatest asset.
  • Professionalism and quality of service.
  • A safe, healthy work environment.
  • Respect for individuals.
  • Clear, open, honest communication.
  • People’s ability to grow and change.
  • Community interaction.

Washington State Prison Inmates

There are just over 19,000 inmates in state prisons in Washington. Roughly 634 are in work-release programs and the rest in prison. More than 92% are male; the rest are female. In terms of race, the majority (69.8%) are White, 17.8% are Black, 5.5% are American Indian, 4.1% are Asian, and the rest other races. Assault and property crimes are the top reasons someone is in prison in Washington. After that, it’s sex crimes, murder, and drugs.

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