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Washington Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Washington has two types of juvenile detention for youth offenders. There are three secure state-run juvenile detention centers, and then there are also eight community-based facilities for a total of eleven facilities. These facilities hold pretrial detainees and youth offenders who have been sentenced to confinement.

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ), is the government agency that manages and oversees all facilities, inmates, and Washington juvenile inmate records. It is impossible to go online and perform a Washington juvenile detention inmate search because juvenile records are kept sealed until the person turns 18. To find someone incarcerated in juvenile detention in Washington, you must contact the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Office of Juvenile Rehabilitation, or the facility directly.

The OJJ’s mission is: “Promote partnerships and innovations that improve outcomes for juvenile offenders and their victims, that build family and community capacity to prevent delinquency, and provide analysis and expertise to state and local policymakers.” They accomplish this mission through the following guiding principles:

  • Fairness.
  • Community protection.
  • Youth accountability.
  • Victim restoration.
  • Youth rehabilitation.

Juvenile Detention Centers in Washington

All the juvenile detention facilities in Washington serve high-risk juvenile delinquents. These facilities offer youth offenders education, recreation, counseling, family services, substance abuse, and mental health treatment, along with other programming aimed at getting them back on track. A lot of the funding for these facilities and programs comes from state and federal grants. Since children of color are often over-represented in the juvenile system, the OJJ is working hard to close that gap.

The juvenile detention centers in Washington include:

Secure Residential Facilities

  • Echo Glen Children’s Center.
  • Green Hill School.
  • Naselle Youth Camp.

Community Facilities

  • Canyon View Community Facility.
  • Oakridge Community Facility.
  • Parke Creek Community Facility.
  • Ridgeview Community Facility.
  • Sunrise Community Facility.
  • Touchstone Community Facility.
  • Twin Rivers Community Facility.
  • Woodinville Community Facility in Kirkland.

Facts and Statistics

There are just below 13,000 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Washington. Twenty-seven percent are female, and the rest are males. Almost fifty percent are White, 27% are Hispanic, 15.6% are Black, 4.8% are Native American, and 2.6% are Asian. Assault is the number one offense committed by youth offenders. Next in line is property offenses and drugs.

Washington Juvenile Detention Centers

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