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Washington County Jail Facilities

The state of Washington has a single type of short-term confinement facility for inmates; these are called local county jails. There are thirty-two county jails in Washington. These facilities hold people who were just arrested, pretrial detainees, and inmates serving short-term sentences.

Each county jail is owned and operated by the local county, and the Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of all jail facilities, supervision of inmates, and all Washington county jail inmate records. Most counties or Sheriff’s Offices have websites with an offender locator on them, making it easy to perform a Washington local county jail inmate search.

Since some inmates will stay for months or a year, these facilities are equipped with all the resources necessary to serve them. Along with strict supervision and varying levels of custody, they provide inmates with recreation, library services, therapies, counseling, substance abuse, and mental health treatment and social skills programming to help rehabilitate and reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

Local County Jails in Washington

Local county jails in Washington serve the purpose of holding inmates awaiting trial and those who committed petty crimes or misdemeanors who were sentenced to short confinement. Each jail has different levels of detention and serves a specific demographic. The Cowlitz County Jail has 325 beds, and they allow inmates visitation, mail services, phone calls, and other connections with family and friends. For some low-risk inmates, they allow in-home monitoring with ankle devices rather than keep them in jail. Other inmates are allowed to work in community programs. Their mission states: “To provide cost-effective alternative monitoring services to the Courts while maintaining safety for the community, staff, and offenders.”

Most county jails offer bail and bond services to those inmates who are eligible. They all offer victim services as well to those who have been hurt by offenders.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 12,000 inmates in local county jails in Washington. Of that total, only about.07% are female, and the rest are male. Almost 70% are White, 17.8% are Black, 13.8% are Hispanic, 5.5% are American Indian, 4.1% are Asian, and the rest other races. Assault (28.1%) and property crimes (17.6%) are the top reasons that someone ends up in Washington jail. After that, it’s sex crimes (21%) and murder (13.4%). A good percentage of inmates in jail have substance abuse or alcohol dependency issues.

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