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Virginia State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Virginia has only one type of long-term confinement facility for felons; they are called prisons. There are forty-one state prisons in Virginia spread across three regions: Eastern, Western, and Central. These facilities hold inmates who were convicted of state crimes. Each one has different levels of custody (ranging from minimum security to maximum), and some serve only women and others only men.

The Virginia Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of all inmates, facilities, and Virginia state prison inmate records. Using the offender locator feature on their website, the general public can conduct a Virginia state prison inmate search at any time without any delay.

The state prisons in Virginia include:

  • Brunswick Women’s Work Center.
  • Caroline Correctional Unit.
  • Deerfield Correctional Center.
  • Deerfield Men’s Work Center.
  • Deerfield Women’s Work Center.
  • Greensville.
  • Greensville Work Center.
  • Haynesville Correctional Center.
  • Haynesville Correctional Unit #17.
  • Indian Creek Correctional Center.
  • Lawrenceville Correctional Center.
  • St. Brides Correctional Center.
  • Sussex I State Prison.
  • Sussex II State Prison.
  • Baskerville Correctional Center.
  • Buckingham Correctional Center.
  • Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13.
  • Coffeewood Correctional Center.
  • Dillwyn Correctional Center.
  • Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women.
  • Halifax Correctional Unit.
  • Lunenburg Correctional Center.
  • Nottoway Correctional Center.
  • Nottoway Work Center.
  • Rustburg Correctional Unit.
  • State Farm Correctional Center.
  • State Farm Enterprise Unit.
  • State Farm Work Center.
  • Virginia Correctional Center for Women.
  • Augusta Correctional Center.
  • Bland Correctional Center.
  • Cold Springs Correctional Unit #10.
  • Green Rock Correctional Center.
  • Keen Mountain Correctional Center.
  • Marion Correctional Treatment Center.
  • Patrick Henry Correctional Unit.
  • Pocahontas State Correctional Center.
  • Red Onion State Prison.
  • River North Correctional Center.
  • Wallens Ridge State Prison.
  • Wise Correctional Unit.

Each state prison offers inmates educational studies (including degree programs) social and life skills training, vocational assistance, therapies, counseling, substance abuse, and mental health treatment along with recreation and a library to borrow books.

Virginia State Prison Inmates

Virginia state prisons hold about 38,000 inmates. The top reason someone is in prison in Virginia is larceny-theft and then aggravated assault. Virginia’s incarceration rate is higher than the national average. The most significant number of inmates are Black, American Indian, Hispanic, and then White.

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