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Vermont State Prison Inmate Search

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Vermont State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Vermont has only one type of long-term confinement facility for inmates serving time; these are called state prisons. There are seven state prisons in Vermont.

The Vermont Agency of Human Services, Department of Corrections, is the government entity in charge of all facilities, inmates, and Vermont state prison inmate records. They make it easy for the general public to find someone in prison in Vermont. They have an inmate locator on their website so you can use it to quickly run a Vermont state prison inmate search at any time of day or night.

The list of state prisons in Vermont includes:

  • Northern State Correctional Facility (NSCF) - Newport.
  • Northwest State Correctional Facility (NWSCF) - Swanton. 
  • Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility (CRCF) - South Burlington.
  • Northeast Correctional Complex (NERCF & CCWC) - St. Johnsbury.
  • Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility (MVRCF) - Rutland.
  • Southern State Correctional Facility (SSCF) - Springfield.

The Vermont Department of Corrections mission is: “In partnership with the community, we support safe communities by providing leadership in crime prevention, repairing the harm done, addressing the needs of crime victims, ensuring offender accountability for criminal acts, and managing the risk posed by offenders.” They carry out their mission using their core values of:

  • Responsibility.
  • Commitment.
  • Integrity.
  • Judgment.
  • Creativity.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Compassion.

Additionally, they use the following guiding principles to drive their work:

  • In the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals.
  • In treating people with respect and dignity.
  • That people can change.
  • In individual empowerment. 
  • In fairness throughout decision making. 
  • In non-violent conflict resolution.
  • In the value of individual, cultural, and racial diversity.

Along with supervision in varying levels of custody (ranging from minimum to maximum), Vermont state prisons also offer inmates educational resources (including degree programs), substance abuse and mental health treatments, counseling, life-skills training, vocational assistance, and other supports. They even have special programs for sex offenders and violent inmates. Additionally, they have the following programs for domestic violence offenders:

  • Batterers Intervention Program (BIP).
  • Network Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs.
  • Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services.

Vermont State Prison Inmates

Vermont’s prison population is less than 2,000 inmates across all seven facilities. Roughly,.077% are female; the rest are males. Drug abuse is a serious problem in Vermont, and many of the inmates are in prison due to drug charges. After that, the most common crimes are property offenses and aggravated assault.

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