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Utah State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Utah has one type of long-term confinement facility for offenders; these are called prisons. There are seven state prisons in Utah. These hold felons who broke state laws and were sentenced by the courts to incarceration.

The Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) is the government entity in charge of all the state prisons, the inmates, and they also maintain Utah state prison inmate records. They make it very easy for anyone to perform a Utah state prison inmate search by using the offender search feature right on the home page of their website. The seven, state prisons in Utah include:

  • Olympus.
  • Oquirrh.
  • Promontory. 
  • Timpanogos Women’s Facility.
  • Uintas.
  • Utah State Prison. 
  • Wasatch.

Along with the supervision of the inmates, Utah state prisons also offer programming for inmates to help improve their lives and prepare them for reentering society. Some of the programs offered are education (including degree programs), employment (work-release and other community involvement assistance), life-skills training (including: Thinking for a Change, Communication, Computer Literacy, Relationships, Relapse Prevention, Career Power, Financial Literacy, Anger Management, Parenting, Impact of Crime on Victims, Domestic Violence, Victim Empathy, and Thinking Errors), substance abuse treatment and mental health assistance. Additionally, inmates receive recreation time, visitation, and can partake in religious services. Some of the other opportunity includes:

  • “Con-Quest: The Con-Quest program is housed in the Promontory Facility at the Utah State Prison and can accommodate 400 inmates.
  • HOPE: HOPE is housed in the Fir unit at the Central Utah Correctional Facility. The dormitory-style unit is capable of housing up to 288 inmates, with 48 inmates in each of the six sections. HOPE is organized as a therapeutic community aimed at helping inmates live clean, sober, positive, and productive lives and typically takes 12 months to 13 months to complete.
  • Excell: Excell is based on a residential, therapeutic community model and is designed to help women overcome substance abuse issues and resolve trauma (physical and emotional abuse) that often underlie criminal behaviors.”

Utah State Prison Inmates

There are roughly 6,500 inmates in state prison in Utah. Of that total, only.087% are female; the rest are male. Almost 62% are White, 19.65% are Hispanic, 6.87% are Black, 5.24% are Native Americans, 3.26% are Asian, and the rest are unknown races. The top crimes committed by inmates in Utah state prisons are property offenses and crimes against other people. After that, sexual crimes and drug and alcohol charges follow.

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