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Utah County Jail Facilities

The state of Utah has only one type of correctional facility for short-term inmates and pretrial detainees; these are called jails. There are nineteen local county jails in Utah.

Local county jails are run by a local county Sheriff’s Office and are owned and overseen by the county government. The local law enforcement agents are responsible for the facilities, supervision of the inmates, and all Utah county jail inmate records. Most Sheriff’s Offices have websites where they offer the public an offender lookup feature or a listing of the current inmates. This makes it easy for someone to perform a Utah county jail inmate search at any time. The information on inmates is usually available pretty quickly (within 24-hours of being booked).

Each county jail offers different units/sections of custody and can range from minimum security to maximum and even super-max security levels. Jails may provide various programs to inmates, but the state of Utah prioritizes programming to help inmates reintegrate back into society. Along with supervision, the jails offer education, computer labs for self-paced learning, religious studies, substance abuse treatment, mental health assistance, recreation, and all of them have library services so that inmates can borrow books to read.

Local County Jails in Utah

Jails in Utah date back to the 1800s. At that time, they served as the only type of confinement for inmates. Then, when the first prison was built, long-term inmates were moved there.

Modern jails have computer surveillance, clean and well-run facilities with plenty of staff. They offer a full menu of services including mail, telephone calls, visitation (some offer video visitation) and programs like:

  • GED / High School Diploma
  • Life Skills (Improving Relationships)
  • Life Skills (Why Try?)
  • Life Skills (Bridges)
  • Life Skills (Living @ 5)
  • Alcoholic Anonymous
  • LDS 12 Step Drug Rehab Program
  • On Unit Drug Treatment (OUT) Program
  • RadKids Program
  • Discharge Plan
  • Utah Defendant Offender Workforce Development

All of these programs are aimed at reducing the likelihood of recidivism.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are approximately 5,700 people in jail in Utah. Only.05% of inmates are female; the rest are male. Almost 62% are White, nearly 20% are Hispanic, 6.87% are Black, 5.24% are Native American, and the rest are Asian or other races. The most common reasons inmates are in Utah jails are property offense, crimes against another person, and then sexual assault.

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