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Texas Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Texas has three types of juvenile correctional facilities. They have juvenile detention centers called institutions; then, they have halfway houses for after release to help youth offenders transition back into society. They also have group homes called district locations.

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is the government agency in charge of all youth offenders, facilities, and all Texas juvenile inmate records. They do not list any private inmate information online, so it is not possible to perform a Texas juvenile detention center inmate search. Instead, you must contact the TJJD or the facility directly.

Along with supervision, these facilities offer different levels of custody and education, counseling, help with addictions, mental health, and physical healthcare services, and other rehabilitative programs.

The TJJD’s mission is about: “Transforming young lives and creating safer communities.” They accomplish this through the following core values:

  • Justice.
  • Safety.
  • Integrity.
  • Partnership.
  • Innovation.

Juvenile Detention Centers/Institutions

There are six juvenile detention centers called in the state of Texas. They are as follows:

  • Evins Regional Juvenile Center.
  • Gainesville State School.
  • Giddings State School.
  • McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility.
  • McLennan Residential Treatment Center.
  • Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex.

Halfway Houses

There are seven halfway houses to help youth offenders get back on track after release from confinement. They include:

  • Ayres House.
  • Brownwood Halfway House.
  • Cottrell House.
  • Edna Tamayo House.
  • McFadden Ranch.
  • Schaeffer House.
  • Willoughby House.

Group Homes/District Locations

Texas has thirteen residential group home settings for youth offenders called district locations.

  • Amarillo District Location.
  • Austin District Location - Braker H Complex.
  • Dallas District Location.
  • El Paso District Location.
  • Fort Worth District Location.
  • Harlingen District Location.
  • Houston District Location.
  • Lubbock District Location - Texas Juvenile Justice Department.
  • Midland District Location - Texas Juvenile Justice Department.
  • New Waverly District Location.
  • San Antonio District Location.
  • Temple District Location - Texas Juvenile Justice Department.
  • Tyler District Location - Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Facts and Statistics

There are about 800 youth offenders in Texas juvenile detention centers. Of that total, only 7.5% are female; the rest are male. Almost 44% are Black, 39% are Hispanic, and 17% are White. Robbery, burglary, and aggravated assault are the top reasons kids in Texas are sent to juvenile detention.

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