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Texas Federal Facilities

There are five types of federal correctional facilities in Texas. First, there are ten federal prisons. Then there are four privately contracted prisons. They also have two residential reentry management field offices, one regional office, and a medical facility. There is also an administrative building housing Human Resources and other personnel.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) is the government agency in charge of federal correctional facilities, all inmates, and Texas federal prison inmate records. They make it easy to perform a Texas federal prison inmate search using the offender locator on their website.

Federal Prisons in Texas

There are ten federal prisons in Texas. Each has different levels of custody, and some only serve males; some serve male and female inmates. They vary in number of beds and programs and services they provide. The ten federal prisons in Texas include:

  • Bastrop FCI. 
  • Beaumont FCC. 
  • Big Spring FCI.
  • Bryan FPC. 
  • Fort Worth FMC. 
  • Houston FDC. 
  • La Tuna FCI. 
  • Seagoville FCI. 
  • Texarkana FCI. 
  • Three Rivers FCI. 

Residential Reentry Management Field Offices

There are two residential reentry management field offices that act as a liaison between the FOB, local and state law enforcement agencies, and community organizations. The two RRMs in Texas are:

  • Dallas RRM. 
  • San Antonio RRM. 

Private Federal Prisons in Texas

There are four private prisons in Texas, and they are as follows:

  • Big Spring (Flightline) CI. 
  • Big Spring CI. 
  • Giles W. Dalby CI. 
  • Reeves III CI.

Regional Offices and Medical Facilities & Administrative Offices

These facilities serve as medical and administrative offices for inmates and FOB personnel.

  • Carswell FMC - an administrative security federal medical center with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp.
  • South Central RO - an administrative office providing oversight & support to facilities located in the South Central Region (SCR).
  • Grand Prairie - an office complex providing services in human resources, inmate systems, and financial management.

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in Texas

  • Sam Hurd - former NFL player found guilty in 2013 of conspiracy to start a drug ring in Chicago. 
  • Richard Causey - ex-chief accountant for Enron Corporation. Found guilty of securities fraud in 2001. He served four years before being released. 
  • Chris Lamprecht - he was a computer hacker and the first person to ever be “legally banned from the internet.” He was found guilty of money laundering in 1995 and served five years and was released in 2000. 

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